World’s Best Battery Brands and Prices (Reviews)

best battery brands It is one of the issues that should be known for the performance quality of the vehicle. A battery is an electrochemical device that stores electrical energy as chemical energy and converts this energy back into electrical energy when needed. In automobiles, it provides the ignition system required for the operation of the vehicle to be activated and the lighting of the vehicle.

A battery basically consists of a positive and negative plate, a separator to separate the terminals with different charges, a battery box and an electrolyte. Although batteries are produced from different alloys, they are generally made of lead.

In addition to converting chemical energy into electrical energy, the battery stores the electrical energy produced by the system in the vehicle as chemical energy. This means that the battery charges itself while the vehicle is running.

The alternator, which produces alternating current when the engine is running in the vehicle, also converts the motion energy into electrical energy, filling the battery and feeding the electrical components. Batteries can be used not only in the automotive sector but also in many areas that need electricity. It can be used in power plants, lighting and ventilation systems, elevators or cleaning machines.

What is the Difference between Wet and Dry Battery?

Batteries are modeled according to the difference in the alloy they contain. The alloys used in batteries are generally nickel iron, nickel cadmium and silver zinc. The most preferred model is lead acid mixed batteries. Batteries with this alloy are divided into two as dry and wet batteries. Water must be added to wet batteries according to seasonal conditions.

Models in which the plugs of the battery are manufactured to add pure water and these plugs are easily opened are called well-maintained water batteries. In these batteries, the starter motors can draw 200-300 Amps momentarily. It is suitable for use in automobiles and light commercial vehicles. Flooded batteries are not built to provide continuous power.

Unlike dry batteries, wet batteries require more shock protection and should not be left uncharged. Dry batteries do not have any liquid leakage product. They cannot give instantaneous high power current like flooded batteries; therefore they are designed to provide continuous power. Although it has higher performance than wet batteries, dry batteries have 4-5 times longer life. best battery brands While researching, it is necessary to obtain the wet or dry model information of the battery.

Best Battery Brands Ranking (Top 8)

  1. Varta Battery
  2. Happy Battery
  3. Banner AGM
  4. İnci Akü
  5. Bosch battery
  6. Yigit Battery
  7. Hugel
  8. Tudor

1. Varta Battery

best battery brands
best battery brands

Varta Battery World Chosen as the best battery brand throughout best battery brands are among. It provides the best performance in the start-stop system, where the engine automatically stops and restarts when the vehicle is at a standstill, in order to reduce the time the engine spends in idling. The general features of the Varta battery, manufactured in Germany, are as follows:

  • Its voltage is 12 V, its ampere-hour capacity is 60 Ah.
  • PowerFrame grid technology is used.
  • It saves 20% more energy than standard batteries, and the air pollution rate is 20% less.
  • It provides high performance and extra starting power.

2.Happy Battery

best battery brands
best battery brands

best battery brands Mutlu Battery, which is among the domestic production, also produces batteries for vehicles of different models or typologies. The brand, which stands out with its short-circuit resistance, offers convenience to vehicle owners with the maintenance-free production of its models with a fully closed cover system. The general characteristics of the battery are as follows:

  • Its voltage is 12 V, its ampere-hour capacity is 60 Ah.
  • Energy consumption is 25% less than standard batteries.
  • Prices are slightly higher than standard models.
  • It has a widespread sales network all over Turkey.
  • It provides higher performance than a standard battery.

3.Banner AGM

best battery brands between price/performance products It is a producing brand. It provides production with AGM technology, which is produced on the basis of high safety and performance.

  • It has high durability, anti-leakage technology.
  • Its voltage is 12 V, its ampere-hour capacity is 80 Ah.
  • It is a product with high starting performance, as well as providing a comfortable start in difficult weather conditions.

4. İnci Battery

best battery brands
best battery brands

İnci Akü was selected as Turkey’s most valuable battery brand in the evaluations made by different institutions in the sector. İnci Akü is produced with a maintenance-free, fully closed system. best battery brands are among. Its general features are as follows:

  • Calcium It is produced from the element Ca-Ca alloy plates.
  • It has a patented fully-plugged special cover system.
  • It is produced with QR and barcode code technology that provides product tracking.
  • Different models are produced for automobiles, light commercial vehicles or heavy vehicles.
  • It produces environmentally friendly class A battery models.
  • It has high energy consumption with 700 Ampere current consumption.
  • Its voltage is 12 V and its ampere hour capacity is 72 Ah.

For more information about cars:

Powermaster Modified Sinus Inverter

The batteries of the brand that produces as a dry battery model are not suitable for cars. It is produced for the use of electrical appliances such as drills and fans. The purpose of the brand’s battery production is for electrical devices to work on long distances. It has smart design technology.

1.Bosch Battery

best battery brands

best battery brands among world brands with its production technology. It provides production for different vehicles such as light commercial vehicles, heavy vehicles, construction machinery, caravans and boats. It also produces for start-stop models with its innovative technology approach. The general features of Bosch brand batteries are as follows:

  • It has long-lasting use.
  • It is designed with a special protection system against jolts and impacts in order to avoid any disruption in power supply.
  • Its dimensions are smaller and lighter than a standard battery.
  • The cover structure has been specially designed in accordance with harsh climatic conditions.
  • In addition to the standard models, there are also models that provide high performance and starting power.

2.Yiğit Battery

best battery brands
best battery brands

In domestic production best battery brands are among. Models used in police panzers and military tanks are produced. It produces various types of batteries used in passenger cars, start-stop models, heavy-duty group, motorcycle and defense industry. Its general features are as follows:

  • It produces completely maintenance-free batteries with gel battery technology.
  • Production is carried out to prevent water loss with valved plugs and special gel formula.
  • The plate resistor has high performance in vibrating conditions.
  • The batteries it produces carry out the electric current without interruption on the slopes and uneven terrains.
  • It provides long-lasting use with high resistance against corrosion and oxidation that occurs over time.
  • It is one of the most suitable choices for vehicles with less electronic equipment.


Hugel best battery brands It is a price/performance product. The general features of the battery with quality production are as follows:

  • The batteries produced with Ca-Ca or a mixture of silver and tin have high performance.
  • Voltage voltage value is 12 V, ampere hour capacity is 72 Ah.
  • Set provides high efficiency with its production resistant to climatic conditions.
  • It is produced with technology that increases the starting power by 15%.


Tudor with high conductivity capacity supports more than 30 brands. best battery brands are among. The general features of the brand are as follows:

  • The Italian origin brand provides an increase in the starting power with its strong production technology.
  • Among the best battery models are vehicles with start-stop feature.
  • Its voltage is 12 V and its ampere hour value is 50 Ah.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Is the Battery Life?

Although the battery life depends on the frequency of use of the vehicle, while it is 4-5 years in passenger vehicles, this period varies between 2-4 years in commercial vehicles.

How To Tell If There Is A Problem With The Battery?

When the ignition is turned on, the sign with the plus and minus symbol on the instrument panel is the battery warning lamp. If this warning lamp does not go out after the vehicle starts, it indicates that the battery is discharged or that the battery is faulty.

How to Boost the Battery?

The red colored cable is the positive pole cable. In both vehicles, the positive poles are connected to each other. The black wire is the negative pole wire. One of the negative pole cable ends is attached to a vehicle with a full battery and the other end is attached to a grounded metal part of the vehicle with a discharged battery.

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