Why Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Doesn’t Have S Pen Slot

Samsung’s latest phone Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 There are many questions about, especially why this phone is a S Pen slotThe question of whether he has it is a matter of great curiosity. Here is the explanation from Samsung and its effects on the overall design of the phone.

In a statement about the S Pen of the Galaxy Z Fold 5, Samsung stated that the radius of the pen was reduced from 7.4 mm to 4.35 mm. This is the S Pen Galaxy S23 UltraIt’s the same size as ‘s S Pen. However, despite this, there is no dedicated slot for attaching the S Pen to the Z Fold 5 model.

Samsung, S Pen slotHe explained that the absence of the S Pen does not spoil the user experience and stated that making the S Pen too thin will destroy the feeling of writing.

Samsung Announced For Galaxy Z Fold 5: Pen Design Is Harder Than Phone Design

Samsung says there are several challenges to designing a stylus for a foldable phone. The first of these is the discovery of new materials that do not harm the flexible screen of the phone. He also stated that users have mixed requests about the new Z Fold models. A bunch of users want a slimmer book-style phone, which means Samsung needs to make the S Pen even thinner. However, the fact that the S Pen slot reduces the portability of the phone is something Samsung does not want.

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