Which Korean Dramas Are The Most Watched?

Most watched korean dramas General information about it is as follows; korean TV seriesIn recent years, it has had a large audience around the world. Especially the productions from South Korea attract the attention of many people with their different types and high quality.

That’s why we shared the best Korean dramas that you can watch and enjoy while watching in this content. Apart from these series, if you have watched and liked, you can share them with us in the comments section. After this sharing, we will add the series you recommend to our content.

What Are The Most Watched Korean Dramas?
  • “Crash Landing on You” – The romantic comedy series, published in 2020, is about the relations between South Korea and North Korea.
  • “Descendants of the Sun” – The action-romantic series, released in 2016, tells the love story of a military doctor and a special forces soldier.
  • “Itaewon Class” – The drama series, published in 2020, is about the success story of an entrepreneur.
  • “Goblin: The Lonely and Great God” – The fantasy-romantic series, aired between 2016 and 2017, tells the love story of an immortal goblin and a human woman.
  • “The King: Eternal Monarch” – The fantasy-romantic series, published in 2020, is about the story of a king and a detective in two different universes.
  • “Hotel Del Luna” – The fantasy-romantic drama, released in 2019, tells the stories of ghosts and people in a hotel.
  • “Boys Over Flowers” – The romantic drama, which aired in 2009, is about the love story of a poor girl with rich children in a luxury school.
  • “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” – The romantic-comedy series, which aired in 2018, tells the romantic relationship of a company president with his secretary.
  • “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” – The action-comedy series, released in 2017, is about a powerful woman working in a security company and her romantic relationship with a CEO.
  • “Vincenzo” – The crime-comedy series that aired in 2021 tells the story of a lawyer who grew up in Italy and lives in the criminal world in Korea.

Why Korean Dramas Are So Popular

Korean dramas have gained immense popularity around the world in recent years. most watched korean dramas made a huge impact around the world.

There could be several reasons for this:

  • High-quality production: Korean dramas attract attention with their high-budget productions, good scripts, successful acting performances and quality music.
  • Korean culture and aesthetics: Korean culture, aesthetics, and traditions can also influence the popularity of Korean dramas. Topics such as the understanding of beauty, fashion trends, food culture, and music styles that are frequently shown in Korean dramas also attract the attention of the audience.
  • Engagement with the audience: Since the episodes of Korean dramas are usually around an hour and the total number of episodes is limited, viewers can connect more to the story and get to know the characters better.
  • Wide variety of genres: Korean dramas offer many different genres such as romantic comedy, action, thriller, fantasy, which can attract viewers.
  • Easy accessibility: Korean dramas are also gaining popularity around the world due to their easy accessibility on the internet and the availability of subtitles.

When Did Korean Dramas Become Worldwide Popular?

Most Watched Korean Dramas
Which Korean Dramas Are The Most Watched?

Korean dramas first started gaining popularity in Asia in the 1990s and early 2000s. However, their worldwide popularity increased with the 2009 drama “Winter Sonata” gaining huge popularity in Japan.

Afterwards, Korean dramas began to gain audiences around the world through online platforms. These platforms have helped Korean dramas become a subculture and watched abroad. Today, Korean dramas are watched by a huge fan base around the world.

What Genres Are In The Foreground In Korean Dramas

Korean dramas generally focus on romantic, dramatic and comedy genres. Romantic comedies, historical TV series, detective series and action series are also popular genres. There are also Korean dramas in fantasy, science fiction, and horror genres. However, the romantic-drama genre is one of the most popular and watched genres in Korean dramas.

What Is The Future Of Korean Dramas?

Korean dramas have been receiving increasing attention around the world in recent years, and this interest is expected to continue. Korean dramas attract attention with their interesting scenarios, high-quality productions and strong cast.

In addition, the rise of digital broadcasting platforms such as online platforms and streaming services allows Korean dramas to reach a wider audience. Therefore, the future of Korean dramas looks pretty bright.

Differences of Korean Dramas from Other Country Dramas

Korean dramas, dramas from other countries and cinema differs from other films in some respects. First of all, Korean dramas are usually aired in short seasons of 16-20 episodes, while other countries’ dramas are usually aired in long seasons. Also, Korean dramas often focus on romantic, dramatic and emotional themes, while dramas from other countries tell stories of various genres.

Korean dramas are also often noted for their high-quality production value, strong scripts, and high-quality acting performances. Korean dramas also often cover themes that reflect Korean culture and lifestyle. However, the differences of Korean dramas increase their popularity around the world by offering a different viewing experience to the viewers.

How Do Korean Dramas Affect Our Lives?

Most Watched Korean Dramas
Which Korean Dramas Are The Most Watched?

Korean dramas can have many different effects on viewers. First, they can help to learn more about Korean culture and lifestyle. In addition, the themes, stories and emotional intensity of the characters in Korean dramas can increase the ability of the audience to empathize and give them new perspectives.

For some viewers, Korean dramas and cinema movies can also act as a means of escape and provide relaxation after a stressful day. Finally, elements of Korean dramas such as music, fashion styles, and beauty trends can be followed by fans to make an impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Korean Dramas Include Popular Actors?

TV series such as “Descendants of the Sun”, “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”, “Hotel Del Luna”, “My Love from the Star” include popular actors.

Which Korean Dramas Tackle Social Issues?

TV series such as “Itaewon Class”, “Sky Castle”, “Misaeng: Incomplete Life”, “My Mister” deal with social issues.

Which Korean Dramas Feature Love Triangles?

Dramas such as “Boys Over Flowers”, “Heirs”, “Love Rain”, “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” feature love triangles.

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