WhatsApp GIF Making Guide: How To Make WhatsApp GIF?

whatsapp gif don’t do that It is one of the features that users can use in chats. WhatsApp, the popular messaging application, offers various features for its users. Thanks to the features available within the application, a better chat environment can be created. The messaging application receives updates with different features every day. The features offered to users after the updates can be used according to personal preferences.

Different media such as emoji can be shared within the application, which offers the opportunity to chat with the numbers registered in the phone book. Voice and video chat options are frequently preferred by users. It is also possible to share photos and videos in chats. The gif feature, which supports the animated and short-term sharing of shared media, is curious by users.

What is WhatsApp GIF?

Whatsapp Gif Making
How to Make WhatsApp GIF?

WhatsApp application offered gif feature to users after its updates in 2016. whatsapp gif don’t do that It offers the opportunity to share both ready-made and users’ own gifs. Gifs can be prepared with short videos that are 6 seconds long. Gifs can be prepared within the application without the need for different applications. The gif feature is frequently preferred by users to make chats more fun and enjoyable.

WhatsApp GIF and Sticker Different?

Another feature that comes after the updates in the application is the extraction feature. It is possible to share various animated and fixed images like emojis during chat. Whatsapp gif and sticker are different features. Users need different apps apart from app to make stickers. You can prepare your own stickers by choosing sticker making applications or programs. It is also possible to purchase or download sticker packs.

Whatsapp gif making
How to Make WhatsApp GIF?

Users who want to make gifs can use Whatsapp directly without using any application. Personal gifs can be prepared without any download or payment. Users can also prefer ready-made gifs available in the application. By using ready-made gifs, the messages in the chats can be made more entertaining. Users who want to use the gif feature, all they have to do is open the gif window.

Where are the WhatsApp Gifs?

There is no need for any download or installation for ready-made gifs in the Whatsapp application. Users directly chat You can access gifs from the window. The operating system of the device with the WhatsApp application may cause the gif window to change. In order to send ready-made gifs in the application easily, the steps must be followed according to the operating system of the device.

Android WhatsApp GIF Sending

Users using Android devices whatsapp gif don’t do that You can choose individual or group chats to send the post. To send gifs from Android devices, these steps must be followed;

  1. Whatsapp application opens,
  2. The chat to which you want to send the gif is opened,
  3. Click on the emoji symbol,
  4. Click on the GIF symbol,
  5. To send a specific gif, it can be written in the search section,
  6. gif selected,
  7. Click the Submit button.

How to Send WhatsApp GIFs to iPhone

Whatsapp gif making
How to Make WhatsApp GIF?

Users who want to send gifs on iPhone devices should follow similar steps as on Android devices. iPhone users who want to send Whatsapp gifs should:

  1. Whatsapp application opens,
  2. The chat to which you want to send the gif is opened,
  3. Click on the stickers symbol,
  4. Click on the GIF symbol,
  5. To search for a particular gif, you can type in the search section or choose Recents and Favorites symbols,
  6. Select the gif you want to send,
  7. Click the Submit button.

WhatsApp GIF Making Methods

whatsapp gif don’t do that Users who want can easily prepare gifs. Media called gifs; Videos are 6 seconds long. It is possible to make gifs from videos recorded in chat or from videos in the gallery. Users can choose one of these two methods to make their own gifs. In order to make gifs from the videos in the gallery, the video must be 6 seconds long, longer videos can be cut to 6 seconds.

Making GIF from Video

The following steps can be followed to instantly make your own videos as gifs in the application;

  1. The chat to which you want to send a gif opens,
  2. Click on the camera symbol,
  3. The video is recorded,
  4. The recorded video is seen on the screen with the editing menu, if it is a video longer than 6 seconds, it is trimmed,
  5. When the clipped video reaches the appropriate time, the GIF symbol appears on the screen,
  6. Click on the GIF symbol,
  7. Click the Submit button.

When the prepared videos are converted to gif format, the sound is muted. It is not possible to unmute videos that have been muted automatically. Users can share the videos they have taken or previously recorded videos as gifs. whatsapp gif don’t do that Thanks to this, more effective or more pleasant chat environments can be established in chats.

Can WhatsApp Gifs be Saved?

Personally made gifs are saved on the device where the application is located. Photos and videos taken within the Whatsapp application are automatically saved to the gallery. On devices with this feature active, users can access the gifs they have prepared from their galleries. The media sent as a gif is saved in the gallery as a regular video.

Users can access gifs from the gif window as long as they do not delete the gifs they personally made from their gallery. A gif made in any chat can be reposted in a different chat. WhatsApp gif feature is very easy to use. It is possible to get help from the features within the application to create your own gif. To turn your short videos into silent gifs, proper steps need to be followed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use a program to make Whatsapp gifs?

No, gif can be made from Whatsapp application. No additional application or program is required.

Can Whatsapp gif be made from photos?

To make gifs from photos, there must be a video recording. For short-term and animated media, it is called gif.

Can Whatsapp gifs be deleted?

Gifs sent from chats are automatically downloaded to the gallery, gifs deleted from the gallery are not seen in the Whatsapp application.

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