What is Political Marketing? What Are the Examples?

political marketing; aka political marketingis a modern marketing technique that a political party or a person with a political identity applies in the light of the goal they want to achieve. political marketing The most important point for practitioners political marketing because it has a constantly changing structure. The fact that it has a changing structure should be known and they should focus on this issue.

The effort to use marketing effectively by political parties to achieve their goals is increasing day by day. Political actors are in an effort to create a synergetic effect and to influence the masses. In order to achieve the desired result, they must decipher the codes of the comprehensive and complex structure. They should shape the strategies around them with correct and accurate steps.

What are the Changing Dynamics in Political Marketing?

political marketing It is the regulation of constantly developing, changing political identities and political parties, not according to their structures, missions and visions, but according to the changing structures of the electorate. In order to achieve the goal, especially Instagram, Twitter and TikTok platforms for growth-hacking come to the fore.

After all, the reason for the changing dynamics of political marketing is to maximize the potential in the masses with high voting potential, which can be called the potential customer.

potential audience social mediaTheir reactions to tools such as traditional marketing and PR change every month. Considering this situation, continuous public opinion research should be carried out. The process should be followed meticulously.

The Role of Social Media in Political Marketing

What is Political Marketing?
What is Political Marketing? What Are the Examples?

Past political marketing was at the forefront of traditional marketing activities for The new world and new normal of political marketing is social media. Young people with high voting potential, especially the Z generation, are affected by social media.

Not only young people, but also those who pass by the billboards on the busy streets in high-population cities such as Ankara and Istanbul, interact with the advertisements they see on social media platforms on their phones. marketing It has become a necessity to take part in social media, which is an area of ​​interaction more than the display of tools.

Two-way monitoring of the situation on social media is the most important issue. The comments of the content shared by the Instagram accounts of political parties have both positive and negative reviews. In this way, it is the most important tool to keep the pulse of the public.

Using Instagram Reels, Active Twitter and TikTok in Political Marketing

In order to reach young masses, political parties should use social media actively.

The main platforms to use are;

  • TikTok
  • Twitter,
  • It’s Instagram.

It should be noted that the dynamics of each platform are different. Messages to be conveyed and targeted audiences should be differentiated on a platform basis. The platforms with the highest interaction of young people who will vote are Instagram and TikTok.

If a candidate makes his vision and mission in line with TikTok-Reels and publishes it with music, he can get hundreds of times more interaction than a Facebook post with images. Using TikTok and Reels in addition to static images such as Facebook and Instagram increases the voting potential.

Political Marketing Components

political marketingSimilar to commercial marketing, it consists of four components. These components are the political party’s efforts to create a mix by taking into account the characteristics of target selection, depending on its views and goals. Its main purpose is to increase the voting potential.

  • Product; leader, candidates, party programs and party projects
  • Price; The votes given to the candidate as a result of the service promised during the election, the services rendered to the party can be considered as member fees. No real price can be mentioned.
  • Promotion; meeting the candidate with the voter. Organizing a rally (only the organization part counts as promoting the rally as a whole) is distribution.
  • Distribution; These are the communication channels to be established in order to persuade the target voters to buy the political product and to raise awareness about the value of the product.

For the votes of the political parties and their candidates, marketing It should give importance to all sub-components that make up its components separately. Each voter must clearly identify the wants and needs of the group.

How is Political Marketing Done?

What is Political Marketing?
What is Political Marketing? What Are the Examples?

Political Marketing Strategy; market analysis and market research, target market selection, voter behavior, positioning strategies and policies applied while marketing a service are applied in political marketing.

In order to see market opportunities in the marketing of services and goods, it is necessary to analyze the target market, determine the right policies of consumer behavior and marketing components.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Political Marketing Important in Our Country?

Early election decision and political marketing techniques gain more importance due to lack of time. Political parties and candidates will continue their intense political marketing activities in this short time and try to influence the voters. It is an important phenomenon for political parties to explain their differences from their competitors to the voters and to reach as many voters as possible.

Can You Give a Real Example of Social Media Interaction in Political Marketing?

Yes. When Mansur Yavaş’s Instagram account is examined, a Reels video draws attention. A total of 4.4 million watched videos were liked by 311,000 people and commented by 4,268 people. In the light of these data, it is seen that Instagram reels receive more interaction than sharing in Instagram and Facebook streams with static images.

Why Are Voters Affected by Social Media?

Generation Z youths with high voting potential spend most of their time on social media. These audiences of voters, who interact with the ads they see, examine social media platforms that have more views than traditional marketing. Compared to traditional media, social media is user-centered. Therefore, it is used more by young people.

What Are Political Marketing Examples?

Devlet Bahçeli Püskevit Strategy, Donald Trump Facebook Ads Strategy, Barack Obama Digital Marketing Strategy, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Generation Z Strategy are among the election strategies known by everyone. These are examples that have achieved a certain degree of success.

What Factors Determine Political Marketing?

The factors that determine political marketing are power, opposition, voters, pressure groups, bureaucracy.

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