What is Internet Cable Color Sorting, How is it Connected?

What is internet cable color order, how is it connected? Internet cable color sorting, commonly known as Ethernet cable, uses RJ45 connectors. This cable has a standard color coding pattern for its connection and following this pattern is important to ensure a correct connection.

The connection scheme of the internet cable has two different standards, T568A and T568B. The color coding scheme is different between these two standards. But both standards perform the same function. Alright, How should the internet cable color order be?

What is Internet Cable Color Sorting?

According to the colors of the Internet cable, their duties are as follows:

  • Blue- Send data
  • White/Blue- Send data
  • Orange- Receiving data
  • White/Orange- Data acquisition
  • Green- Send data
  • White/Green- Send data
  • Brown- Receiving data
  • White/Brown- Data retrieval
What is Internet Cable Color Sorting?
What is Internet Cable Color Sorting?

Internet Cable Color Sorting for T568B Standard

Internet cable is a network cable used to provide data communication between computers. A lot network cable standard exists, but the T568B standard is one of the most widely used.

Color sequencing for T568B standard it is as follows:

  1. orange-white
  2. Orange
  3. green-white
  4. Blue
  5. Blue White
  6. Green
  7. brown-white
  8. Brown

This color coding scheme must be the same at both ends of the cable. An Ethernet cable usually connects at one end to a modem or router in the home or office, while the connector at the other end connects to a device, such as a computer or printer.

Internet Cable Color Sorting for T568A Standard

An Internet cable is also commonly referred to as an Ethernet cable. This cable is equipped with RJ-45 connectors used for data transmission and contains eight wires. Below is the color sequence of the wires that make up the cable in general:

phone number Colour
one green-white
2 green
3 orange-white
4 Blue
5 Blue White
6 Orange
7 brown-white
8 Brown

This color ranking is based on two different standards, T568A and T568B. Depending on your preferred standard, the color sequence of the cable may vary. The important thing is to properly connect the cable in the same color sequence at both ends.

How to Connect the Internet Cable?

The internet cable, when properly connected, provides a reliable internet connection in your home or office. How to connect internet cable? You can find the answer to your question by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Preparing the Ends of the Cable
  • Step 2: Sort the Cable by Preferred Standard
  • Step 3: Attaching the Connectors to the Wires
  • Step 4: Crimp the Connectors
  • Step 3: Connecting the Internet Cable

What Does an Internet Cable Do?

What Does an Internet Cable Do?
What Does an Internet Cable Do?

We live in the age of the internet and the internet connection, which has become a part of our daily life, needs to work quickly and reliably. “Ethernet cable”, a term we often hear when using the Internet, is an indispensable component to provide this connection. So, what is an Ethernet cable and what does it do?

Ethernet cable is a type of network cable used for data communication. It is usually equipped with RJ-45 connectors and is used to transfer data between computers, routers, models, switches and other network devices. It connects two or more devices to create a local area network (LAN).

Why Is Ethernet Cable Color Order Important?

Having the correct color sequence of the Ethernet cable ensures that data is transmitted properly. Each wire performs a specific function and must be properly routed to the ports. The wires of the Ethernet cable are arranged in a certain order to increase the communication speed and minimize errors. Failure to follow the correct color sequence can cause data errors and communication interruptions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are Internet Cable Colors Sorted?

The color sequencing of the Internet cable ensures that each pair is correctly matched and connected properly.

Is Internet Cable Color Sorting Universal?

Yes, the color ordering of the internet cable is generally a worldwide accepted standard. This ranking is mostly based on the TIA/EIA-568B standard and is generally used the same way.

What Happens If I Don’t Follow the Color Order?

Improper pairing of the Internet cable or incorrect connection may result in reduced data rate, disconnections, or communication failure.

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