What is File Encryption Program? (Detailed)

A file encryption program is software that helps users to securely encrypt and protect their files. It ensures that the files are encrypted, thus making them unreadable, and can only be read when the password is entered. Today, there are many programs offered for this purpose:

  1. VeraCrypt
  2. 7-Zip
  3. AxCrypt
  4. BitLocker
  5. FileVault

These are all separate programs. file encryption program You can view them all below so you can see one that works for you. You can make a decision by understanding it in detail along with its features.

What is File Encryption Program?
What is File Encryption Program?


VeraCrypt is an open source disk encryption program. It was developed as a successor to TrueCrypt and is available for various operating systems such as Windows, macOS and Linux. VeraCrypt provides users with many encryption options and helps you protect your data by encrypting it.

What are the features?

file encryption program VeraCrypt offers advanced features. If you want to learn about them before installing, here is the general way:

  1. VeraCrypt can encrypt all your hard drives or USB drives, thus protecting your data from malicious users or online threats.
  2. It protects your data using strong encryption algorithms such as AES, Serpent and Twofish.
  3. It allows you to create another encrypted partition inside an encrypted partition. This way, even if someone knows that you have encrypted one partition to protect your data, your data on the other hidden partition will be protected.
  4. It allows you to create custom scripts for automatic encryption operations. Thanks to these scripts, your files are automatically encrypted when a predetermined condition is met.
  5. It is also available as a portable version. In this way, you can use the VeraCrypt version you installed on a USB drive on another computer.

With such features as VeraCrypt, file encryption program can be used advantageously and effectively.


7-Zip file encryption program It is a free and open source file compression and archiving software among its options. Available for Windows operating systems, 7-Zip provides high compression ratios and supports many different file types. For its features, the table below can be examined in general.

Compression ratios It provides higher compression ratios than other compression formats such as ZIP and GZIP. In this way, you can store your files in a way that takes up less space.
Multiple file format support 7-Zip supports many different file types, including 7z, ZIP, RAR, CAB, ARJ, GZIP, TAR, and ISO.
AES-256 encryption You can encrypt and protect your files using AES-256 encryption.
own file format 7-Zip can compress and archive your files using its own file format, 7z.
Fast file compression and decompression Despite high compression ratios, it performs fast compression and decompression operations.
Interface customization 7-Zip’s interface is customizable so users can highlight their preferred features and functionality
Free and open source It is completely free and open source software.

With features like these file encryption program can be used efficiently.


AxCrypt is a free file encryption program for the Windows operating system. The app is primarily designed to help users secure their files. The program allows users to perform encryption and decryption operations. If you are curious about their features, they can be seen in the table below.

File encryption AxCrypt allows users to securely encrypt their files. The encryption process uses AES-128 or AES-256 encryption algorithms.
open file It also allows opening encrypted files. If the password is entered correctly, the file will open automatically.
Password management It allows users to manage their passwords. Users can save, delete and change their passwords.
Easy to use It allows users to easily perform file encryption operations. Users can start the encryption process by dragging and dropping the file they want to encrypt to the program window.
Price AxCrypt is a free program. Users can download and use the program without paying any fee.

Besides all this file encryption program AxCrypt is available in many different languages. The program’s interface is automatically adjusted according to the user’s preferred language.



BitLocker is a disk encryption tool developed by Microsoft for the Windows operating system. With BitLocker, users can secure their data by encrypting their hard drives.

What are the features

file encryption program BitLocker, one of the options, has advanced features. If you want to have an idea about them, it offers you features such as:

  1. BitLocker protects data by encrypting entire hard drives. Thus, there is no need to select any partition or file.
  2. It offers two different encryption modes, with or without TPM (Trusted Platform Module).
  3. It provides a high level of security using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption.
  4. It is very easy to use as it is an integrated tool with the Windows operating system.
  5. It provides a special method for backing up and recovering BitLocker encryption keys.
  6. It offers remote management support and can be easily managed with Active Directory integration.

BitLocker with aspects like this, file encryption program It offers efficient use.


Filevault file encryption program It is one of the applications that you can use as It is a disk encryption tool developed by Apple. It comes with the Mac OS X operating system and allows users to protect their data by encrypting it.

What are the features?

FileVault has advanced features to effectively encrypt your files. If you want to have an idea about them, in general, it offers you features such as:

  1. FileVault encrypts entire hard drives. Thus, it ensures that the data is also protected securely.
  2. It has a high level of protection with AES.
  3. It is integrated with the Mac OS X operating system. In this respect, it has an easy and comfortable use.
  4. FileVault provides a special method for backing up and recovering encryption keys.
  5. Remote management support is included.
  6. Encrypts data using passwords of user accounts. Thus, people who do not know the account password cannot access the data.

file encryption program If you are looking for one, you can choose by looking at each of them in detail. Moreover password cracking software You can have information by visiting our content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is File Encryption Program?

file encryption program It allows you to secure your files by encrypting them. As a result, it becomes possible to protect it more securely.

What are File Encryption Programs?

There are many file encryption programs available today. FileVault, AxCrypt and BitLocker are just some of them. You can examine each one in detail and choose one that is suitable for you.

Which Encryption Program Should You Choose?

Today, many file encryption program has. Since each of these are separate applications, it is recommended to examine all of them and decide on the most suitable one for you. By evaluating its features and advantages within the framework of your needs, you can easily find the most suitable ones for you.

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