What is DRS? What Does Formula 1 DRS Technology Do?

What is DRS? What does Formula 1 DRS technology do? Subjects, car It is among the most researched topics by viewers who are interested in racing. DRS abbreviation stands for Drag Rduction System. This system, which makes Formula 1 races more exciting, is the movable system on the rear wings of racing vehicles.

The DRS system directly affects the aerodynamics of the vehicles during races. Formula 1 races consist of high budgets and participating vehicles are examined in a discipline down to the last detail. Many details are reviewed, such as the ability of high-performance vehicles to hold onto the ground and to gain cornering ability.

The DRS system comes into play at this point, affecting the vehicle’s grip on the ground, while at the same time affecting its acceleration. When the DRS moving system is activated, it transfers the wind to the moving system and contributes to high speed in a short time.

Formula car races are held in a discipline. First of all, the conditions of the vehicles that will participate in the races are revealed and formations that will endanger the races are not allowed. Moving parts are not allowed in the vehicles for various reasons in these races. In 2011, as an exception, the DRS system was included in the races that took place in this discipline for many years.

DRS system;

  • In Formula 1 races in 2011,
  • In Formula Renault 3.5 races in 2012,
  • At the FIA ​​Formula 2 Championship in 2013,
  • At the Deutsche Tourenwaen Masters races in 2013,
  • In Super Formula races in 2014,
  • In 2015, the GP2 series was re-named in the FIA ​​Formula 2 Championship,
  • At the FIA ​​Formula 2 Championship in 2017,
  • The 2017 GP3 Series, newly renamed FIA Formula 3 Championship,

It was used for the first time in such races. This system is still used in many races and it adds a different excitement to the races.

How Does the DRS System Work?

What is DRS?  What Does Formula 1 DRS Technology Do?
What is DRS? What Does Formula 1 DRS Technology Do?

Cars reach high speeds during the race. The ground holding ability of vehicles reduces performance. While strong grip on the ground reflects positively on performance while cornering, holding on to the ground too much in terms of reaching higher speed on flat ground creates a performance-reducing effect.

When the DRS system, which has been used in a discipline in formula races, is activated, it provides more performance by reducing the mass of the vehicle and reducing the ground grip rate on flat ground.

Formula pilot activates the DRS system under suitable conditions. In this case, the moving part on the rear wings is parallel to the ground and provides the desired performance. This system gives the vehicle an extra speed of up to 20 km/h.

What are the Formula 1 DRS Terms of Use?

Although the DRS system has been used in various Formula races since 2011, the conditions must be met in order for the system to be used in racing discipline.

In order to use the DRS system;

  • Racing authorities should take a decision in this direction.
  • The racetrack must be suitable for the use of the system.
  • Weather conditions should be favorable.
  • The distance between vehicles must be less than 1 second.
  • The DRS opening line must be within 1 second of the DRS control line.
  • The pilot who will open the DRS must reduce the difference to less than 1 second.

General conditions such as: Track control laps are held before the race by the race authorities. During this period, decisions are made about whether the system will be used and at which points it will be used, and necessary explanations are made to the race sponsors and pilots. Pilots who show otherwise will be disqualified.

Why is the DRS System Used?

As in every field, Technology development in Formula 1 races has shown. Mechanical developments in automobiles, developments in digital data systems, track conditions can be given as examples of these developments. However, it is not desirable to add moving parts to the vehicles in terms of both race safety and life safety of the pilots. In addition, the decisions taken by the racing authorities in this direction are quite strict.

What is DRS?  What Does Formula 1 DRS Technology Do?
What is DRS? What Does Formula 1 DRS Technology Do?

DRS, which uses it as an exceptional situation, can only be used within a discipline in the system. The final decision on its use rests with the racing authorities. In Formula 1 races, the performance of cars and pilots affects the number of passes. While the number of transitions was lower before the DRS system was used, significant increases occurred in the transition times after the use of the system. The main purpose of the system is to increase the number of passes.

While the number of Formula 1 passes was around 200 per season during the years when the DRS system was not active, it increased to 821 in 2011 when the system was activated. In the last racing season of Formula 1, this number increased to 1000. This situation reveals the contribution of the DRS system to the number of passes.

The pilot activates the system with the DRS button located in the steering position in the transition zones within the framework of the rules. After the transition is achieved, the button is released and put into the passive position. In some systems, this process is performed by the mechanism located in the brake area.

What are the Effects of Using DRS on Formula 1 Races?

Formula 1 racing cars have technology that provides high performance. In addition, it consists of many equipment that will increase its performance within a certain discipline. Taking corners at high speed, passing the vehicle in front on level ground is not that easy. In these vehicles produced for special purposes, high-tech and mechanical components have been created to hold onto the ground.

A firm grip on the ground is desirable for cornering. However, on flat ground, the pilot wants to pass the vehicle in front and finish the race. For this, every vehicle and every pilot has tactical behaviors. However, the vehicle in front is a formula racing vehicle and is controlled by a formula pilot. This is a position that greatly reduces the number of passes.

Formula racing authorities and technical staff had implemented the DRS system feature in order to make these races more exciting. In this way, the transitions will take place faster and the adrenaline will be higher. Formula races, which are followed with interest by many segments, have started to attract more attention after the use of the DRS system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the DRS System Used?

The DRS system can be used at times determined by Formula 1 racing authorities and in designated DRS zones. During the race weekend, the pilots are allowed to use the DRS system freely on Friday and Saturday.

Who Decides to Use the DRS System?

The use of the DRS system may be permitted by the race authorities, depending on the condition of the racetrack, race conditions and climatic conditions. The entire decision belongs to the Formula 1 driver, provided that it is used at the DRS usage points determined in the permitted races. In the races, the pilots are allowed to use the system within the framework of the rules.

In Which Races Is The DRS System Used?

Formula 1 authorities decided to use the DRS system for the first time in 2011. It has also been adopted on the dates after its adoption, and the system is still used in Formula 1 races as long as the conditions and rules allow. In addition, the system is still actively used in racing disciplines such as Formula Renault 3.5, FIA Formula Championship, Super Formla, Deutsch Toruenwaen Masters.

How Long Is the DRS System Used?

Due to the rules brought to the use of the DRS system, the system can only be used at the designated waypoints. This gives the opportunity to switch depending on the performance. Pilots can only use the system until the transition is complete. Afterwards, it should be passive in terms of driving safety. Opposite situations are grounds for disqualification.

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