What is Discord Music Bot? How to Add?

Discord music bot How to add, Discord users wonder. Discord is a platform that allows communities and channels to chat uninterruptedly, as well as instant messaging. The platform, which has become very popular recently, has become an environment that people use for various purposes.

While using Discord, various features such as screen sharing or audio sharing can be used during chats. It is possible to listen to music within the platform without the need for any application. Users can have meetings on Discord as well as have fun with their friends. The first preferred option to listen to music during chats is to use a different application. It is possible for users to listen to music via Discord without opening a new application.

How to Listen to Music on Discord?

The platform, which has become popular, is used quite often, especially among players. The platform, which offers instant messaging and chat, has various features. Thanks to the groups or channels opened on Discord, certain communities can be contacted. Apart from the features offered to users, different features can be accessed by using bots. Among the bots, the most interesting one is the music bots that offer the opportunity to listen to music. Thanks to the music mode, it becomes possible to listen to music without the need for users to use any additional applications.

Discord Music Listening Methods

Discord Music Bot
Discord Music Bot

There are many different ways to listen to music on Discord. Although there are different options, users are most curious about music bots because they offer wide features. Thanks to the features offered, users do not experience any impact while using the platform. There are a lot of music bots, so users should prefer bots that are reliable. There are different options that can be preferred to listen to music without the need for a different application. Discord music bot is found.

Adding a Music Bot to Discord

There are numerous bots that can be preferred to listen to music while using Discord. Although there are different options, choosing the reliable and best ones always provides a smoother experience. Platforms such as Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud, which are preferred for listening to music today, work in sync with music bots. The fact that it works in sync with the most preferred platforms allows users to benefit from ready-made lists or access the music they have added personally. List creation, which offers a very famous MP3 experience in the past, is offered to its users thanks to these bots. Discord music bot To add the following steps should be followed;

  • Discord desktop application should open,
  • Click the plus button at the bottom of the server line,
  • A new server is created,
  • The selected music bot is invited,
  • Login with Discord account information,
  • The music bot is added to the created server,
  • Changes are approved,
  • The instructions given by the bot are followed and the music to be listened to is determined.

How to Play Music During a Discord Call

The operating system of the device used while logging into the Discord application, the steps to be followed to play music may also vary on the page lines. Although the page names may vary, the logic should be the same, the microphone being the only audio input point is changed. After the procedures, the music bot starts to work and the music continues to play without interrupting while the dialogue is established during the call. Discord The steps to be followed to play music during the call are as follows;

  • The computer’s Hardware and Sound menu opens,
  • The Manage Audio Devices tab opens,
  • The recording tab opens,
  • The Stereo Mix option should be saved by default.

There are many music bots to play music during calls on Discord. Users often use the FredBoat Discord music bot. This is because it plays music through YouTube videos. Continuing to play music while talking to each other is one of the frequently preferred features of the users.

Discord Music Bot
Discord Music Bot

Adding Music Bot from Discord Mobile Devices

Users who access the Discord application via mobile devices can continue to listen to music during calls as well as on a computer. Discord is a platform suitable for use for different purposes. Access is possible via computer and mobile devices. Due to its widespread use, it becomes a matter of curiosity how to activate its features on different devices and operating systems.

Via mobile device Discord People using the mobile application can easily continue to listen to music during calls. It is possible to run it quite similarly to the steps followed in the desktop application. Some of the bots that will be added to the mobile application have their own servers. Therefore, it is not always necessary to create a server in advance. to be added Discord music bot It is a decisive factor for the server.

Discord Music Bot
Discord Music Bot

Listening to Music on Discord Android Devices

Users must first select the bot to be used for Discord. Music bots are offered to users in a wide range of options. Users may need to prefer reliable bots for bot selection. Choosing a bot is an important issue for both chatting and listening to music seamlessly. Discord application must be installed on mobile devices with Android operating system. The steps to add a music bot to the Discord application on Android devices are as follows;

  • Music bot is selected,
  • The selected music bot is invited,
  • Login with Discord login information,
  • Click on the Authorize button that appears on the screen,
  • I am not a robot screen is confirmed,
  • Discord mobile application should be opened,
  • The server to which the Discord music bot is added must be found or a new server should be created to add the Discord music bot,
  • The instructions given by the bot should be followed,
  • Select the music you want to listen to.
Discord Music Bot

Listening to Music on Discord IOS Devices

Discord can be accessed via devices with IOS operating system. Thanks to the mobile application, it is possible to log into Discord easily with mobile devices. Desktop and Android apps Discord music bot presented in a wide variety of ways. On devices with an IOS operating system, music bots are not presented in such a variety. The best music bot to choose for Discord; It is rated as MEE6. Although it is difficult for first-time users, it becomes easier as they start using it. All you have to do is click the Play button to listen to the playlists you created from your favorite tracks. It is possible to list the things to do to use the MEE6 music bot as follows;

  • MEE6 Discord music bot website should be opened,
  • Login with Discord account information,
  • Approval is given for the music bot to access the Discord account,
  • MEE6 Discord music bot the server to be added is selected,
  • After the add-ons are completed, the Music option is selected,
  • If it appears to be disabled, click the Add button,
  • Discord mobile app opens,
  • The server with the MEE6 Discord music bot opens,
  • After typing !search, the song you want to listen to is selected,
  • The playing number of the song is written,
  • The user can create a playlist as many times as he or she specifies,
  • The music starts playing by typing !play.

Listening to Music Without Using a Discord Bot

Discord Music Bot
Discord Music Bot

Discord music bot It is a highly demanded condition. There are many bots that are used to expand the features of the platform that users heavily demand. It is possible to listen to music without using a bot. To listen to music from the desktop application without bots, the steps are as follows;

  • The settings menu opens,
  • Go to the Connections tab,
  • The Link Your Accounts window opens,
  • Spotify application is selected,
  • Login with Spotify account information,
  • The window that appears on the screen is confirmed,
  • After the connection is established, the notification comes,
  • It can be checked via the links page.

Discord music bot It is possible to listen to music through the application without using it. There are different platform options besides Spotify. Users can choose the platform they want. Discord, the first choice of people who want to communicate in the form of a community, offers the opportunity to listen to music while chatting. Music bots can be preferred to have a pleasant time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to listen to music during a Discord conversation?

Yes, you can listen to uninterrupted music through the application or the bot.

Does music get paused during a Discord conversation?

There will be no pauses unless the users themselves command.

Do Discord music bots harm devices?

It is beneficial to choose reliable bots.

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