What are Google Alternative Search Engines?

Google alternative search engine There are quite a lot of options. Search engines have become tools that are frequently used in daily life. Due to the widespread use of the Internet and its easy accessibility, the time spent on the Internet has increased considerably. Most of the time spent on the Internet is spent in search engines. Search engines provide services to find many things that people are curious about, want to reach and search for mobile. From very simple questions to difficult questions, it has become possible to find answers on search engines.

There are many popular search engines around the world. When you look at the history of the Internet, the first search engine is seen in 1990. Although 1990 Euro is important in history, there is no Milat rest for search engines. Google was founded in 1998. Although Google is the first search engine that comes to mind, many search engines can be alternatives to Google. There are dozens of known and unknown search engines on the Internet.

Why Google?

The most used search engine in the world is Google. Considering the shares in the world market for the most well-known search engines, Google has a very high rate. In addition to the world market, it also has a large share in the Turkish market. The use of Google as a search engine has become quite common, due to its frequent use, many new verbs have been derived that are included in the everyday language. One of them is to Google.

The most ambitious search engine in the digital world is Google. Due to the continuous development of its algorithm and infrastructure, it provides quality service to users. It has different features in various aspects such as having a very easy interface, customizability, user data collection, online advertising and privacy. Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google took its current name in 1997. Although it has advanced features, it is used by internet users. Google alternative search engine options are questionable.


Google alternative search engine
Google alternative search engine

The DuckDuckGo search engine, which was established in the USA in 2008, has a system that takes care of personal data and does not record it, and does not take IP addresses. It has attracted the attention of users due to its features. When compared to Google’s usage policy, it has the opposite operation. User data is not collected in any environment through the feature called personalization. Users who care about their online privacy often prefer the DuckDuckGo search engine. It shows the same results over the term thrown to general users, not by user profile. Unlike Google, it can be preferred to search in accordance with more privacy rules. Google alternative search engine can be evaluated as

Microsoft Bing

Microsoft Bing, formerly Live Search, is a search engine of Microsoft. The search engine, which released its beta version in 2009, emerged as a competitor to Google. The biggest feature seen when comparing Google and Bing; bing‘ is not advertising in search results. The unique algorithm that it uses in search results is also quite ambitious. The search engine, which provides service with the assurance of Microsoft, has met the expectations of the users in the best way. Bing, which stands out with its image search feature, offers an alternative to YouTube thanks to its video search optimization. Google alternative search engine It is one of the preferred search engines.


Google alternative search engine
Google alternative search engine

Yahoo! It was established in 1995 and became quite popular by the end of the 90’s. It is one of the most used search engines worldwide. The search engine also offers different services for its users such as Yahoo Music and Yahoo Movie. It is widely used around the world, especially in America. In the Hotjobs section, the search engine, which provides the opportunity to search for jobs, offers services in many different areas. While the Turkish market is 1.9%, it has a worldwide market share of 1.46%.

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The Russian-based search engine takes a step forward in language services when compared to Google. Yandex, which is very easy to use, is one of Google’s biggest competitors. With its news, panoramic images, e-mail, live traffic and 360-degree street view services, it has started to be among the search engines that attract great attention in Turkey. Yandex has become MSN’s search engine as a result of its agreement with Microsoft. It is also used as the default search engine of Huawei brand phones. Yandex, Google alternative search engine evaluated as.


Google alternative search engine
Google alternative search engine

It is a search engine that was founded in 2000 as a result of the ban of Google in China and serves worldwide. The reason why Baidu search engine comes to the fore; It is the ban of Google in the country and the introduction of Baidu across the country. The search engine, which does not have many users in different countries outside of China, gets the heaviest traffic from the Chinese region. Founded by the largest artificial intelligence company in China, the search engine provides various services such as access to the online encyclopedia, maps and cloud storage. for China region Google alternative call used as engine.

CC Search

CC Search ensures that content that can be used without paying copyright is presented to the user. It is a search engine founded by Creative Commons. Creative Commons provides a service for users to access free images, videos and content without any profit motive. The search engine that provides a solution to the copyright issue, which is important for the content, takes place in the world market. It allows users to access and use content without paying royalties. Thanks to CC licenses, it eliminates the problem of obtaining permission from the copyright holder for shared content.


GoodSearch, Yahoo! It is a search engine powered by GoodSearch donates half of its revenue to schools and foundations that users choose. Canada, Britain, and the United States are the countries with the most traffic. A certain amount of donations are made to the determined institutions and organizations for each search made by the users through the search engine. The donation amount obtained in return for calls made throughout the year is paid to institutions and organizations in the form of checks in December. Donations can also be supported by shopping through the GoodShop service offered by the search engine to users. While searching on the internet, you can also choose to donate. Google alternative search engine can be preferred.


Google alternative search engine
Google alternative search engine

It is a search engine established with the aim of answering scientific questions and mathematical calculations. WolframAlpha is a knowledge engine founded in 2009. Users can find answers to scientific and mathematical questions using the search engine. When the country or city name is entered, detailed information about that place can be accessed. It presents information to users in various ways, such as information found about dates.


Google alternative search engine Another one is Yippy. Users can filter the search results and content they do not want to see. The search engine does not collect and store users’ data, users who want privacy can easily choose it. It has different services such as web, news, picture blog and job posting. It stands out because it is a useful search engine. It may be preferred for a search engine where customized advertisements are included and data is not collected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google the most used search engine in the world?

Yes, the largest volume in the world market is in Google.

Are search engines with Google alternative reliable?

They can be used safely.

What is Google’s rate in the world market?

Its share in the world is 91.86%.

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