TikTok’s New Feature: Text Based Posts

This new feature, where TikTok offers text-based posting support and allows users to share their stories, poems, lyrics and other written content on the platform, draws attention in the social media world.

Today’s popular short video sharing platform TikTok, by presenting another innovation, presented it to its users. This innovation text-based post support. Previously only sharing video contentThe platform, which enables But now, moving further in TikTok’s vision to grow and meet the needs of its users, text based post It also offers the feature to its users.

What is Text Based Post on TikTok?

The new feature allows users to share their stories, poems, lyrics and other written content on the platform. Thus, users will have found a new way to express themselves. Now TikTok The user who wants to share a post will be presented with three options: photo, video and text. In text input mode, the user will be able to customize the content by adding voices, specifying locations, enabling comments and allowing duets.

Will Text Posts Be Dynamic?

TikTokclaims that text messages will be as interactive and dynamic as any video or photo. Stickers and hashtags are offered and the possibility to choose from a variety of background colors. Users will be able to create and save message drafts for later editing or deleting altogether.

TikTok’s text posts The decision to add support for and the timing of this decision is remarkable. Because as Twitter is actively dealing with radical changes and rebranding, it seems like a good time to hunt down some of this platform with millions of users. recently released threads The increasing popularity of the application also supports this decision. Of course, TikTok’s text message format is different from Twitter and so it may appeal to a younger audience.

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