The Best Military Movies You Must Watch (IMDb)

best soldier movies There are unique productions from the past to the present presented to the audience in the category. Especially the works in which the feeling of war is handled convey breathless scenes to the audience. The scenarios, which are processed by quoting from real events, are considered very valuable in terms of feeling, understanding and having knowledge of that period.

Accordingly, due to the historical texture of these films, it can be mentioned that they are illuminating and informative. Cinema with the record-breaking performance of the leading actors military movies ranks high on the recommendation pages. Cinema lovers enjoy watching these films by sharing tension, action and emotional moments.

Apart from the scenarios written by quoting from real events, works that are the product of imagination are also appreciated by the audience. The scenarios about the soldier and war, which are also produced in the film industry of our country and are in demand by the audience, almost evoke national feelings. The victories of the struggles that have taken place on our lands are reflected by the players to their audiences with strong emotions.

These films, which contain scenes such as the tactics of the past, where the war genius commanders are discussed, and how the famous victories are won, include emotional scenes as well as the emotions of action, tension and excitement.

It is also known that these films lead people to know and learn about their past. Topics covered at the international level also reveal the situations faced by people who lived at that time. In this respect, military films have a special place in affecting people.

How Are Soldier Movies Filmed?

Military movies can handle air, land and naval battles.

In these movies;

  • secret meetings,
  • Enemy cooperation or coup
  • Military order and military life,
  • Topics such as massacres are covered.

The preparation of the scenes, which we watch by being fascinated by the screen during the shooting of the films, starts with the technical training given to the actors. It is assembled using effects in the background.

How Are The Actors Determined In Soldier Movies?

In military and war movies, especially the leading actor is the most remarkable character. In these genres, the character in certain positions is also important. Accordingly, measuring the general pulse of the audience is necessary for the success of the film.

In addition, in films where the character is dominant, the similarity of the actor to the character is sought. This criterion is important in terms of reflecting the period and the person more clearly. For example, in a movie about Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, attention is paid to its physical similarity.

What is a cult movie?

Best Soldier Movies
The Best Military Movies You Must Watch

It is assumed that the word cult passed from Latin to other languages. Although this word does not have a clear meaning, it can be said that there are films that do not have many viewers, contain controversial topics, are not spoken by the critics, but that a certain audience has watched and made sense of many times. This audience can make the movie popular over time.

Academy Award Winning Soldier Movies

Oscar awards, as it is known, are given to people who appreciate certain achievements during the year and who have achieved success in the film industry and people who are involved in these projects. Oscar awards are given in previously determined categories as a result of a certain voting. There are certain criteria for applying to the award ceremony, which was held for the first time in 1929.


  • It must take at least forty minutes,
  • It must remain on display for 14 days until the last day of the year,
  • It is said that standard or above-standard film criteria should be used.

Members who give Oscar awards suggest candidates to receive awards in their respective categories.

Some of these categories are;

  • best movie,
  • best actress,
  • The best actor,
  • It can be stated as the best director.

Some of the productions that won Oscar awards in films about soldiers and war are:

  1. Schindler’s List
  2. Pianist,
  3. Hacksaw Ridge,
  4. dunkirk,
  5. fury,
  6. It can be specified as Pearl Harbor.

This award ceremony is held once a year, usually in February.

Native Soldier Movies

Best Soldier Movies
The Best Military Movies You Must Watch

It owns domestic films that are masterpieces in the national arena. The sense of patriotism and victory in these films gives the audience a breathless viewing pleasure.

Here are some of the blockbuster domestic military and war movies:

  • Conquest 1453
  • Malazgirt 1071
  • Canakkale 1905
  • It can be listed as the Conquest of Istanbul.

In these films, the wars that left their mark on history are told and the war genius aspects of the commanders of that period are screened.

Foreign Soldier Movies

Foreign cinema World Wars, Hitler and the Nazis, and terrorist organizations are generally discussed in the military and war movies that have been released.

The most notable of these films are:

  • Top Gun,
  • Bastards Gang,
  • jarhead,
  • American Sniper
  • It counts as Saving Private Ryan.

Legendary characters, heroes born through wars, and international films with their sad stories include impressive subjects that make you want to watch more than once.

True Story Soldier Movies

One of the categories that caught the attention of the audience and broke impression records is stories taken from real life. Scenes that people cannot believe happened even while watching, are presented to the audience by carrying deep parts from those stories.

Films shot with these impressive stories and ranked high on the recommendation pages;

  • Ayla,
  • Outlaw King,
  • Gelibolu,
  • 1917
  • War Machine,
  • It’s shaped like Pearl Harbor.

It is possible to touch the stories experienced in history with these films. For this kind of movie suggestions Cinema and TV Series You can visit our category.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Recommendation Soldier Movies?

A few of the recommended films; Schindler’s List (imdb 9), Mountain II (imdb 8.8), Saving Private Ryan (imdb 8.6), 1917 (imdb 8.3), Full Metal Jacket (imdb 8.3), Ayla (imdb 8.3), Battle Valley (imdb 8.1) , Breath: Thanks to the Fatherland (imdb 8), Dunkirk (imdb 7.8), Fury (7.6)

How Many Oscar Awards Did “Saving Private Ryan” Get?

The movie, which takes place during the Second World War, is in the drama genre and has a total of 5 Oscar awards.

Are the Genres of Military Movies Always Drama?

There are also works in the genre of science fiction. For example, the 1998 US movie “Soldier” is of this type.

What are Nazi Era Movie Recommendations?

Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, Lore, Valkyrie, Fury, Bastards, Conspiracy, Der Untergang

In Which Field Did Dunkirk Win an Oscar?

The film, which is about the years of the Second World War, received three awards in the fields of best editing, sound editing and sound mixing.

In Which Field Did Schindler’s List Win an Oscar?

It won seven awards in 1994.

Which Award Did Ayla Film Get?

He won the “Best Editing Director” award at the Cape Town International Film Festival.

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