Special Consumption Tax Regulation: We Expect New Applications in August

Muhammad Ali Karakas‘of SCT regulation statements about automotive attention in the industry. Karakaş, which is implemented in the August-September period every year, SCT regulationsNoting that, he states that they expect a new regulation this year as well.

While the latest developments in the automotive industry decrease the sales of second-hand vehicles, they continue to increase the sales of zero kilometer vehicles. SCT regulation A possible change in the subject of the vehicle may stimulate the used car market.

Otomerkezi.net, record new vehicle sales, SCT states that it will be an important factor in increasing the slices.

Special Consumption Tax Regulation and Sector Forecasts

Automotive industry SCT regulations Speaking about the issue, Karakaş states that the SCT slices will be increased by 20 points each and the lowest scale will be 100 percent due to the exchange rate effect. According to Karakaş, applying a lower tax base to low segment models suitable for the purchasing power of citizens and a higher base to luxury models will relieve the sector and the consumer.

Karakaş stated that the demand for second-hand vehicles will rise again when consumer confidence increases. SCT regulation He states that the new regulations regarding the development of the sector find it important to apply a special incentive for electric vehicles.

Ministry of Commerce and Import of Used Vehicles

Stating that the latest decisions of the Ministry of Commerce affect the automotive industry, Karakaş states that there are many risks in the import of second-hand vehicles. He states that vehicles that do not comply with Turkey-Europe specs should not enter the country and that they find it correct that only vehicles up to 1 year old can be imported temporarily for only 6 months.

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