Recover Deleted Call History on Android and iPhone

Recover deleted call log may be of great importance to phone users. Users can resort to various ways to retrieve the call log. In some cases, search history can be vital. There may be confusion about how to find out if search histories are deleted. The operating system of the phone used is one of the biggest factors.

If it is noticed that it has been deleted when the call log is checked, there are ways to bring it back. Thanks to the developing technologies, various storage areas have been revealed. Every data created in digital media is stored forever. Although it is not possible to reach every data, it is one of the known facts that it is somewhere. Call histories are data created between phones. Users can follow the necessary steps for deleted or not found search histories.

What is Call Record?

The call log is the medium where the calls made over the phones are recorded. Each user can access their call history from their phone. After calling the numbers registered or not on the phones, the call history is formed on the phone of both the caller and the called person. Various information such as the duration of the phone call between two people can be accessed from the call log. It includes the number of the caller, when he called, and the talk time. Call recording after phone calls can be quite important in some cases. When called by an unregistered number, the number can be easily accessed from the call log after the conversation.

Recover deleted call log
Recover deleted call log

How to Delete Call Records?

deleted restore call log While searching for ways, it also becomes a matter of curiosity how records are deleted. Although there are differences according to the phone operating systems of the users, they are basically deleted in the same way. The call log can be accessed via the call menu on the main screen of the phones. Deletion can be done via the menu where the call log is located. Phone owners can delete call logs individually or in bulk. With the select all option, mass deletion can be done practically.

Call logs can also be deleted under users’ control. Various situations such as problems with the phone’s system and memory fullness can lead to the deletion of the call log. Users may need deleted call logs. In case of need, it is possible to try to restore the records according to the operating system of the phone.

Can Deleted Call Records Be Recovered?

Thanks to the lines used in the telephones, each user has a telephone number. Outgoing calls are made through this number. The numbers are saved so that it is possible to contact them later. However, call log can be used to reach unsaved numbers. Recover deleted call log It is one of the processes that are curious by users. It is possible to restore deleted records. Although there are methods that differ from device to device, the records can be accessed.

Recover deleted call log
Recover deleted call log

How to View Call Record?

It is quite easy to access call logs. Users can access the history using the search menu on their phones. The menu can be accessed by clicking the green search button. Although there are minor changes according to the phone brand, it is positioned so that everyone can access it easily. Users can make new calls in a short time by accessing the call log. Quick selections can be made from the last dialed contacts instead of searching for contacts through the contacts.

Retrieve Call History from Android Devices

Phones have different features and accessibility depending on the operating system they have. Android operating system is one of the most used operating systems in the world. Android is frequently seen among users’ smartphone preferences. Android users can support their devices with different applications and hardware. Thanks to this feature, intermediaries such as Google Drive become useful. Via Google Drive or via operator deleted call record back fetch becomes possible.

Recover deleted call log
Recover deleted call log

Recover Deleted Call History from Google Drive Backup

via Android device deleted call unregister fetch Google Drive can be used for One of the effective methods Google Drive Here are the steps for:

  1. Make sure that the Google account is opened and the device is connected to the account,
  2. Enter the phone’s Settings menu and then the System menu,
  3. Backup option is selected,
  4. Google Drive is selected as the backup source,
  5. Search history option must be selected,
  6. If there is a call history, it is automatically restored to the device.

Recover Deleted Call Record by Contacting the Operator

deleted call record back fetch Operator support is available for Android devices. Users who want to recover the call log can contact the service provider. It is possible to get help depending on the service provider used, such as Turkcell, Vodafone and Türk Telekom. Service providers keep users’ search histories for a period of time. Users who want to access the call record within the retention period can access the call record in a short time. It may be possible to reach the call log by contacting customer service. It is preferred by users because it is a very practical method.

For more information about mobile devices:

Retrieve Call History from IOS Devices

iOS The operating system is present in many phones these days. Being one of the widely used operating systems causes some problems to be common. There are two methods that users can choose to retrieve call logs. Recover deleted call log It can be done easily with iCloud and iTunes on iPhone devices.

Recover deleted call log
Recover deleted call log

Recover Deleted Call History with iCloud

using iCloud backup recover deleted call log can be done. The iCloud menu should open from the Settings app. Backups can be controlled via Manage Storage. It is possible to see when the last backup was made. If the appropriate backup is found, the call history can be accessed. iTunes can be checked if iCloud backup is useless.

Recover Deleted Call History with iTunes

deleted call record back fetch help can be obtained from iTunes backup. Users can access iTunes via computer. The call log can be accessed by the Restore Backup command. However, for this to happen, the backup must be done correctly. IOS users can access their call log history without any problems by making regular backups.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long will the deleted call logs be available?

If backup methods are preferred, the last backup date will be valid.

Can deleted call logs be saved on the phone again?

Does it take a long time to recover deleted call logs?

There are methods that can be done in a short time.

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