Police Intervented While Twitter Logo Was Removing!

Elon Musk’s attempt to remove his Twitter sign was interrupted by police intervention. This process, which is part of the company’s rebranding efforts, remains unclear.

Elon Musk’s recent activity on Twitter has been perhaps one of the biggest topics of social media. Especially recently, Twitter’s plans to change its logo and name have attracted a lot of attention. However, something unexpected happened to him during this process: Twitter sign The effort to remove it was interrupted by the police intervention.

Musk’s plan, located at headquarters twitter to remove the sign. However, this plan could not be realized due to the police’s refusal to allow it. All these developments have affected the rebranding efforts of Musk, the new owner of Twitter.

Musk’s New Branding Efforts and Police Intervention

Musk’s branding plans include changing the company’s name to the “X” and removing the iconic bird logo. However, this morning Twitter signage The removal effort was interrupted when the police were called.

Climbing to the top of the building, workers removed the five letters from the vertically placed Twitter sign. However, during this time, the police intervened and the sign “er” remained on the sign.

Twitter’s Signs Status After Police Intervention

Police officials stated that they received a notice that the street was closed without permission during the removal of the sign. However, in the statement made by the San Francisco Police Department, it was stated that no crime was committed and the police had nothing to do with the removal of the sign.

After the police left the scene, the removal of the sign did not continue. Let’s point out that only the letters “er” remain in the office building at the moment. But it’s unclear when the company will resume downloading the sign as part of its rebranding.

During Musk’s new branding efforts, the effort to dismantle the Twitter sign was interrupted by police intervention. This event, twitterIt leaves many question marks about the future state of .

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