Original Car Brands Not Available in Turkey

Original car brands not found in Turkey which ones? Why can’t we see these brands in our country? What are the main factors among the reasons why we do not see it in our country? What would be the costs of bringing these brands to Turkey? You can find the answers to all these questions and more in this article.

We know the names of most of the brands we will talk about, but if you do not have a serious interest in this subject, you will see that there are many brands that you will hear for the first time. We will try to shed light on the issues you are wondering about by mentioning the features of these brands.

We know that some car companies do not sell every model in Turkey, even if they sell in our country, or they offer a special model or engine option for every country. Undoubtedly, the taxation procedures of that country are among the leading reasons why car manufacturers do not make sales in every country. This issue can be quite costly, especially for brands that are considered original.

Original Car Brands Not Available in Turkey
Original Car Brands Not Available in Turkey

Likewise, the main reason why each model or option of the car companies that have markets in the countries varies according to the countries is again the taxation systems. This situation both increases the expense items that brands will pay and narrows the potential market area. One of the reasons why customers do not choose is the cost.

In addition, price policies applied for fuel and maintenance can cause serious market shrinkage. There is no doubt that everyone who is passionate about cars will want to see these brands in our country. It can be exciting to even imagine these brands on our streets. So what are these brands?

1. Mazzanti

Sports and racing car Founded by Luca Mazzanti and Walter Faralli, who are known for their interest, the Italian brand stepped into the sector in the early 2000s.

Known aspects of the brand:

  • The aim of the brand, which pays attention to detail and personalization, is to produce supercars that have made a name for themselves for generations.
  • Known models of the brand are Mazzanti, Antas and Evantra.

2. Gumpert Apollo

Based in Germany, this brand was created by Roland Gumpert, under the name of Gumpert Sportwagenmanufaktur. car was established for production. Roland Gumpert, a former Audi executive, has transferred his experience and passion to the Apollo model.

Gumpert ApolloAlthough it attracts attention with its aerodynamic design, it also has superior performance and aggressive appearance. car attracts many enthusiasts. It is useful to give this information in order to get an idea about its performance. Brand 4.2 lt. Combining the V8 engine with twin-turbocharger, it achieved a full 800 horsepower in the model it produced.

3. Mitsuaka

In 1968 Mitsuoka Motors Co. Ltd. a Japan-based company founded under the name car is the manufacturer.


  1. Unlike many Japanese brands, it produces limited-edition, more luxurious and differently designed cars.
  2. It offers customizable vehicles to its customers who want to buy vehicles, with the advantage of making boutique production.
  3. The company, which generally uses high quality materials in the cars it produces, generally bases its designs on retro and classic cars. For example, the model named Orochi has a design based on Japanese legends and was produced by combining it with the Corvette engine.


It is a UK-based manufacturer founded in 1991 by Roger and Pat Grinnall. The purpose of the company was initially to produce spare parts and accessories for BMW motorcycles. However, later he started to make his own designs and productions. The vehicles produced by the brand, which specializes in motorcycles and three-wheeled vehicles, draw attention with their high performance and different designs.

Original Car Brands Not Available in Turkey
Original Car Brands Not Available in Turkey

The company’s three-wheeled vehicles are powered by motorcycle technology. car It offers a fun and exciting driving experience that combines Grinnall, which comes to mind when it comes to handmade vehicle production, operates especially in the European and North American markets and attracts a lot of attention from its enthusiasts.

5. Pagani

It is a brand founded in 1992 by Argentine Horacio Pagani and headquartered in Italy. The brand, especially ultra-luxury and high-performance car known for its production. Pagani uses light materials such as carbon fiber and titanium in its designs, and uses powerful engines to increase performance by reducing vehicle weight. It also aims to maximize the speed of the vehicle with its aerodynamic designs.

The company, which is famous for its models such as Huayra, Zonda and Imola, uses engines that can reach up to 800 horsepower with different variants in the Zonda model. Pagani products, whose limited edition models are quite expensive and are usually bought by private customers or collectors, are still very expensive. car It is very popular with its fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t We See These Brands in Our Country?

The biggest obstacle to bringing these cars to Turkey is the cost. While determining the cost factors in our country car brand, model, place of manufacture, engine specifications, customs duties, shipping and insurance costs and other taxes.
The computational factors of these also correspond to quite large amounts. In addition, the high fuel and maintenance costs in our country are among the main reasons why we cannot see these cars in our country. In addition to all these, when the transportation and insurance costs of these cars are considered, it is not surprising that the level of demand for these cars has decreased.

How Much Does It Cost To Bring Luxury And Hard-to-Find Brands?

It is very difficult to give exact figures on this issue. Because the calculation items are subject to differences. Enormous figures emerge when customs duties, import taxes and shipping services in Turkey come into play. For example, it is possible for the $ 15-20 million Pagani Zonda model to triple its price until it arrives in our country.

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