Modem Power Light is Blinking Problem and Solution

Modem power light is blinking When the problem occurs, it means that there is an important problem to connect to the internet. Basically, the reason why the internet connection cannot be established in this case is because the router or the security sensitive setting is incorrectly configured. If there is a wireless router, the correct configuration must be made here first.

Another reason is that the firewall is blocking the connection. If you are using a software-driven firewall, it should be checked that the firewall is not blocking any connection. It should also be noted that the hardware firewall in the modem can also cause the problem. If you are using a firewall and it is set as specified, you should remember that this may prevent the modem from working.

What Does the Modem Power Light Do?

Modem Power Light is Blinking
Modem Power Light is Blinking Problem and Solution

Modem power light is blinking In order to solve the problem, it would be more useful to first focus on the function of this light. Basically, a modem is a device used to make a seamless connection to the internet. It has a form that receives data over the Internet and transmits it over a cable connection.

On the other hand, the power light on the modem is the light that shows whether the power is coming to the modem. When this light is on, it indicates that the modem is powered and working. Usually this light should come on when plugged in. If the power light is not on, there may be a problem with the power supply.

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In order to establish a problem-free internet connection, make sure that the power light is on. First of all, you should make sure that the power is fully supplied, as there may be a power-related problem. There may be a problem with the power adapter or outlet. However, if the power light is blinking, there is no problem with the outlet or adapter. This will mostly point to various problems with your firewall or internet connection.

What to Do If Modem Power Light Is Blinking?

Modem power light is blinking It means there is a problem with your internet connection. It is a situation that shows that the internet is frequently interrupted and then active again, but immediately disconnected again. In this case, you can try different solutions.

1. Reboot the Modem

Modem Power Light is Blinking
Modem Power Light is Blinking Problem and Solution

The first thing you should try to solve the problem is to restart the modem. Some modems have an on/off button. If your modem has such a button, you can turn it off by pressing the button and then turn it on by pressing it again. If your modem does not have a button, it will be sufficient to unplug it from the socket and plug it back into the socket after waiting for a while. This method is a very basic and simple method and will often provide assistance in troubleshooting line issues.

2. Select Wired Connection

Modem power light is blinking If turning the modem on and off does not work, you can try to connect your computer with an internet cable this time. WiFi that is, wireless connections can sometimes be blocked by the device for security reasons. Especially for laptop users, since wireless connection can cause such problems, you can first try to connect with an internet cable. For this, you should use an internet cable of which you can determine the length according to the distance. You should plug one end of this cable into the modem and plug the other end into the computer.

Modem Power Light Flashing Red

3. Disabling the Firewall

If the problem still persists then you can try disabling the firewall. Especially in some cases, the firewall may prevent you from establishing an internet connection from the modem. Basically your firewall cyber attackassumes the role of protection against But there may also be a situation that restricts access to your internet. If you can connect to the internet without any problems when you disable your firewall, then you can update the firewall or get support from Windows regarding the problem.

4. Checking Cables

Modem Power Light is Blinking
Modem Power Light Flashing Red

Modem power light is blinking You can also check your internet cable for its status. Especially deformed cables can cause difficulties for you to have uninterrupted access to the internet. In order to avoid such difficulties, you should also make sure that your cable is trouble-free, not deformed and does not experience any bending or pinching.

5. Check Router Settings

Another action you need to take regarding the problem is to check the router settings. Since this is software related, it can create a serious problem for you to connect to the internet. In particular, sometimes incorrect settings can cause significant problems in terms of uninterrupted internet connection. To configure the router, right click on your internet connection symbol and select Properties.

Also check the configuration settings from here. Next, make sure that the primary and secondary DNS parts are set correctly. Especially if you are using a specific DNS, set the DNS automatically and save the settings and exit, as these DNS addresses can sometimes cause problems.

Finally, remember that there may be a problem with the adapter as well. A malfunction in the adapter may result in intermittent power to the modem. You can inspect the adapter to make sure the adapter is OK.

If the modem power light is still flashing despite doing the mentioned methods, then you will need to contact your internet provider. Because the source of the problem may be due to the line or again such technical problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the modem power light fix itself?

If there is a problem with the line, the flashing of the light can also be corrected automatically.

What to do when the modem is broken?

Since the modem is the basic device that allows you to connect to the internet, you should have it repaired or buy a new one if your modem fails.

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