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Minsk, which is both the capital and the most beautiful big and most beautiful city of Belarus, that is, Belarus, is one of the cities that is mentioned as a touristic city, contrary to popular belief. Although this city, whose name we didn’t even know about until a few years ago, is more famous for its crazy nightlife and beautiful girls, it is a destination that you can love very quickly with its history and culture.

Founded on the banks of the Svislach and Nyamiha rivers, this beautiful city has had to fight wars since the year it was founded and lastly suffered the biggest blow in 1941. After the war, the city recovered itself with the help of the Soviet Union. This city, almost rebuilt, offers an experience full of history and culture in Belarus.

Minsk, contrary to what many blogs say, is a very safe city. Wander the streets late into the night, party, and return to your hotel without any hassle. Although the influence of Russia can be seen in the city, its people are very different. They are not the kind, gentle and quarrelsome types.

Being a clean, green, safe and vibrant city, Minsk offers a unique experience with its beautiful museums, parks, buildings, streets and other important sightseeing spots. Even if you are visiting this city just for the nightlife, we recommend that you do a little cultural excursion as well.

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Let’s come to our Minsk travel list;

1.Independence Square

Independence Square
Independence Square

Independence Square is one of the most important squares in Minsk. This is known as the largest square in Europe and is the most visited square in the city.

Some of the city’s leading structures, such as the Church of St. Simon and St. Helen and the Minsk Town Hall, are located in this square. There is a tube station, a statue of Lenin, a shopping mall, a university and even an Irish pub here.

Before exploring this square, first start your tour from Independence Avenue. You can finish your tour in this square after passing the shopping shops, restaurants and cafes on the boulevard.

2. Museum of the Great Patriotic War

Minsk Museum of the Great Patriotic War
Great Patriotic War Museum

The Museum of the Great Patriotic War, one of the most remarkable museums in Minsk, is also known as the War Museum.

At the time of its opening (in 1944), the second world war was still going on. Belarus was one of the places most affected by the war. Having lost millions of its people, the country relived a situation where Stalin ruled during the Soviet Union.

The museum offers the best information about the details of this war. The War Museum, which has grown and developed continuously throughout its history, is now housed in a magnificent building in Heroes’ Square.

Great Patriotic War Museum
Great Patriotic War Museum

This museum, where the remains from the years of Nazi Germany’s war with the Soviet Union between 1941-1945 are exhibited, is home to more than 140 thousand pieces of artifacts. The most striking artifacts in the museum are handmade weapons.

The museum was reopened in 2014 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Belarusians from the Nazis. Add this museum to your list, which may be of interest to those who are interested in history.

3. National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Belarus

National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Belarus
National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Belarus

The National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theatre, one of the best examples of Soviet architecture, was built in accordance with the Constructivist movement.

Built between 1934 and 1939, although it was bombed by the Nazis during World War II, it still stands and was used as a barn after being damaged.

Of course, after the Soviets recaptured the city, a nice restoration work was carried out and it was brought to the present day. Located in a unique park, this Opera House has a capacity of approximately 1300 people and you can watch a different show every day here.

National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Belarus
National Academic Grand Opera and Ballet Theater of the Republic of Belarus

Of course, the prices of the shows can be a bit exaggerated. Especially weekend shows can be much more expensive. Even if you do not attend the performances, you can see the inside of the building when there is no concert.

4. Gorky Park

Gorky Park
Gorky Park

Gorky Park is one of the oldest places in Minsk, dating back to the 1800s. Built on the banks of the Svislach River, this park is named “City Park”. Most of the park is located on the right side of this river.

Gorky Park was opened on May 1, 1805. However, the park took its present form after later additions and improvements.

At the end of the 19th century, a summer theater was built in the middle of the park, and a flower garden was added in 1912. The name of the park comes from a famous Russian writer Maxim Gorky during the Soviet period and the name of the park took its final form (Gorky Park) in 1936.

Gorky Park
Gorky Park Planetarium

The main entrance of the park, built according to the design of G. Zaborski, is considered a historical heritage. Today, the park is located very close to Victory Square. There is also a Ferris wheel, one of the city’s most entertaining structures.

Do not forget to take a look at the observatory and planetarium where you can see different trees over 100 years old in this park.

5. Victory Square

Victory Square
Victory Square

In the middle of Victory Square, which draws attention with its similarity to the Red Square in Moscow, II. There is a monument built in 1954 in memory of Russian and Belarusian soldiers who lost their lives during World War II. The wreaths on all four sides of this obelisk symbolize the fronts where the Germans were fought in the war.

Besides, the monument is 38 meters high and on top of the monument is a copy of the Order of Victory, the highest award in the army during the Soviet era.

Located near the main offices of national television and radio, this square is famous for its parades and poses for newly married couples.

Victory Square is known as one of the most important squares not only of Minsk, but also of Belarus. You can learn a lot more about the history of Minsk Victory Square and its role in Belarusian history in the museum below the square.

Besides, you can see beautiful 1950’s buildings around the square. Also, the main entrance to Gorky Park is on Victory Square.

6.Holy Spirit Cathedral

Holy Spirit Cathedral Minsk Attractions Blog
Holy Spirit Cathedral

The Holy Spirit Cathedral, built between 1633 and 1642 for the Bernadine monks, is the headquarters of the Belarusian Orthodox Church.

The Cathedral of the Holy Spirit, which is among the best-known structures of Minsk, is located in the heart of the city and draws attention with its two towers.

In 1741, the original structure was damaged by fire and was rebuilt. Be sure to take a look inside this cathedral, which has a very flamboyant and beautiful architecture today.

The Holy Spirit Cathedral, a symbol of Minsk, is a very important place for Christian Orthodox Belarusians. The cathedral, which was also used as a monastery once, is one of the most popular structures in the city with its history and architecture.

One of the most important works in the cathedral, where the icon of the Theotokos is located, is the icon belonging to St. Sofia.

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Minsk Attractions List

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The places to visit in Minsk are, of course, not limited to these 15 places. It is quite possible to add a few more important places to the list. But if you have 1-2 days in this city, we say start with the popular spots on the list first.

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