Methods to Remove Windows Activation Text

Remove Windows activation text There is a lot of research done on the internet. Computers with Windows operating system are used quite frequently nowadays. Although Windows provides users with a better system in many aspects, paid services may not be preferred by users.

There is a warning on the screen if you do not have a license suitable for the Windows version or after the trial version ends. It can be seen as Activate Windows or Activate Windows. The warning on the screen causes users to search for a solution to uninstall. The warning in the lower right corner of the screen can be quite annoying while using the computer.

Why Activate Windows Appears?

There are many operating systems used in computers. Windows is one of the most demanded operating systems by manufacturers and users. Services offered by Windows require the purchase of a Windows license. Expiration of the license trial period or not having a suitable license will cause a warning by the computer. The most effective method to remove the Windows activation text on the screen; It is to buy a Windows license and activate it on the computer. Users who want to get rid of the problem for sure should choose this method.

Remove Windows activation text
Remove Windows activation text

The Most Efficient Method To Remove Activate Windows Text

This is a common occurrence on computers that do not have a Windows license. The Activate Windows warning that appears on the screen can be removed by different methods. But the most effective and sure way is to buy a Windows license. Users often resort to different methods to avoid paying any fees. Activating licenses illegally is a very common method. Removing Activate Windows Although it is one of the methods, it is possible to infect the computer with pirated software in a short time.

Why Is a Windows License Required?

Users who do not want to buy a license can use it as a demo and at the same time remove the warning text without damaging the computer. The warning on the desktop becomes a restrictive barrier for users to personalize their computers. It is very curious how to remove it because it poses a problem. After the warning that appears on the screen, users cannot receive Windows Defender updates. Apart from updates that ensure Windows security, it also Microsoft Office installation is also not possible. The activation text can be removed from the screen without using any program.

Remove Windows activation text

PowerShell Method to Remove Activate Windows Text

It enables communication with the Windows operating system via PowerShell scripts. Activate Windows using PowerShell can be easily eliminated. To remove the warning, the following steps should be followed;

  1. Windows logo key and S key must be pressed simultaneously from the keyboard,
  2. PowerShell is searched from the search section, it is located on the right to run the script as an administrator, the Run as Administrator option is selected,
  3. Type slmgr/renew and then press Enter,
  4. After the processes are complete, the computer must be restarted.

Removing Activate Windows It is a very easy method that can be preferred among the methods. Users can remove the warning in a short time via PowerShell in cases where they do not prefer to purchase a license to activate on their computers. It is an important issue to apply the procedures in the correct order. It is a free and quick method.

Remove Windows activation text

Removing Activate Windows Notepad Method

The Windows operating system in desktop and laptop computers comes pre-installed from the moment the computers are purchased. After the trial period, which is offered to users free of charge, is completed, the system starts to give warnings. Users are disturbed by the warning on the computer screen. The warning, which is constantly on the screen, also restricts some actions of the users. Another method that can be applied to effectively remove the warning is Notepad. The steps of the method to be applied with Notepad are as follows;

  1. Click on the Windows icon on the keyboard, Notepad should be found in the search section,
  2. @echo off taskkill /F /IM explorer.exe explorer.exe exit command should be pasted into Notepad,
  3. After the command is pasted, click the Save As button in the menu section,
  4. After setting the name of the file to Activation.bat, the format should be All files,
  5. The file should be saved in a desired location,
  6. Right click on the saved file and select Run as Accept.

The operations must be done in the correct order. It is necessary to make the right choice about the format of the file. Wrong format If selected, the process must be repeated. After selecting Run As Accepted, the script will execute fairly quickly and the computer will be refreshed. Restarting the computer after the refresh is complete, and then Windows activation text lifting process should be checked.

Remove Windows activation text
Remove Windows activation text

Registry Method to Remove Activate Windows Text

Effectively with the Notepad method Remove Windows activation text The Registry can be much more effective if it didn’t work. It is a tool that allows making extensive changes to the computer. The warning message that appears on the screen can be removed by some changes made on the Registry. Things to do to apply the method are listed as follows;

  1. Hover over Start and right click, then click Run,
  2. After typing regedit in the search field, press the Enter key,
  3. Expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER and select Control Panel, then Desktop,
  4. Click twice on PaintDesktopVersion,
  5. The value in the opened section is changed from 1 to 0 and the OK button is clicked,
  6. The computer restarts.

Removing Activate Windows Text Product Key Method

Removing the Windows activation text Another method that can be preferred is the product key. It is the most effective method among the methods other than licensing. This is because the product key was purchased from Microsoft. By getting the product key, windows can be activated. The usage of the product key is as follows;

  1. Select Settings from the start button,
  2. Updates and Security menu is selected,
  3. Change product key is selected from the Activation tab on the left,
  4. The 24-character alphanumeric belonging to the product key is entered and the Next button is clicked.

Ease of Access Method to Remove Activate Windows Text

Remove Windows activation text Another method is the Ease of Access method. It can be used on Windows 10 computers. Go to the Ease of Access menu via the Control Panel, select the Make it easier to see the computer link from the All settings section. It is among the methods to remove the activation text by removing the background images. Users can remove the text from the screen by trying the methods they want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which of the methods to remove the Activate Windows text is the most reliable?

Buying a Windows license is the best method.

Do the methods to remove Activate Windows text provide a permanent solution?

After a while, a warning may appear on the screen again, the problem is solved by performing the operations again.

Can anyone remove the Activate Windows text?

It can be done easily by computer users.

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