Macedonia Attractions

One of Europe’s most hidden treasures, Macedonia is a unique natural paradise famous for its important historical sites, with ruins tucked into idyllic villages as if they hadn’t changed over the centuries.

The country has been partly influenced by Balkan, partly Mediterranean, Roman, Greek, Albanian and Ottoman cultures.

In this country, which is home to beautiful modern cities, villages, natural beauties and touristic spots, the main popular cities are Skopje and Ohrid, but Macedonia is much more than these two countries.

Originally known as North Macedonia or the Republic of North Macedonia, the country borders countries such as Greece, Bulgaria, and Serbia that are home to some of the world’s top tourist destinations. This makes Macedonia very important in terms of location.

Let’s come to our list of places to visit in Macedonia;


Skopje - Macedonia

Skopje, the most eclectic capital of Europe, is Macedonia’s most famous city and the city with the most tourist traffic.

Skopje, the city that offers the most beautiful cultural trip in the country, is the city where you can find the old and the new together. Here, it offers a magnificent experience with its historical buildings, beautiful architectural structures, sculptures, bazaar and nightlife.

Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, also known as Skopje, is also very popular with its mosques from the Ottoman period. In this city, which has been ruled by various empires and kingdoms for 6,000 years, you can see old structures belonging to many different civilizations apart from these historical mosques.

The most popular among them are undoubtedly “Skopje Castle” and “Stone Bridge”. Both historical buildings are among the most prominent tourist spots of the city.

Of course, there is the Skopje Turkish Bazaar. This is one of the best shopping areas in town as well as the place to find the best food in town. Reminiscent of the historical bazaars in Istanbul, this bazaar is one of the places you cannot miss in Skopje.

In addition to its wealth of restaurants, shops, museums and cafes, Skopje also has a unique nightlife that revolves around the city’s main square. You can also find the best nightclubs, bars and parties of the country in this city, which is preferred by most of the young tourists for nightlife.

Also, this main square of the city is home to the glorious Macedonia Gate (Porta Macedonia), which celebrates 20 years of Macedonian independence.

Just as there is no limit to what to do in Skopje, there is no limit to what you can visit and see. In order to fully explore this city, be sure to spare at least 2 days for this city.

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Lake Ohrid Macedonia

Ohrid (Ohrid), also known as the “Jerusalem of the Balkans” because it once housed 365 churches, is one of the most beautiful historical cities in Macedonia.

You can spend 1-2 days without getting bored in this city, which has a different atmosphere with its old cobblestone streets, small and cute cafes and restaurants.

Although there are many valuable structures that you can see in Ohrid, one of the must-see places is Tsar Samuel’s Castle. In addition to its unique view, this castle, which is quite remarkable with its history, is one of the most famous structures in the city.

Of course, the most well-known part of the city is the part where Lake Ohrid is located. It is home to breathtaking views of the turquoise waters and is a must stop for every tourist.

You can take a nice walk along the city’s coastline and enjoy breathtaking views from St. John’s Church on the Kaneo beach. This city is a city that you can love very quickly with its history and natural beauty.

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3. Monastery – Bitola

Monastery - Bitola
Monastery – Bitola

Also known as Bitola, the Monastery is the second largest city in Macedonia.

This city in the south of Macedonia, not far from the border with Greece, is famous for its historical buildings, beautiful art galleries and cafes with a pleasant atmosphere.

Bitola is located between three different mountain ranges. Therefore, you can take natural walks among the lush green hills and mountains surrounding the city, and capture magnificent photo frames.

In addition to mosques and churches, you can also see colorful and stylish houses in the city. The “Old Bazaar” from the Ottoman Period is a pleasant place to people watch and have a drink.

Among the museums, be sure to check out the Bitola Museum. In this museum you can find information about the history of the city. Don’t forget to check out the Heraklea Lynkestis ruins just outside the city.

4.Pelister National Park

Pelister National Park - Places to Visit in Macedonia
Pelister National Park

“Pelister National Park”, one of Macedonia’s natural beauties, was established in 1948. Being a mountainous area, this park is one of the most popular routes in the country.

The reserve is also famous for being home to a number of endemic animals, among them bears, wolves and soaring eagles.

Pelister National Park is home to two glacial lakes between towering hills. These are also known as “Pelister’s Eyes”.

Here, you can also find hiking trails that host beautiful views among valleys and forests. If you want to go for a long walk and be in the heart of nature, Pelister is one of the most beautiful places you can browse.

In this national park, you can ski or camp at certain times of the year. You should definitely take a look at this park, which is especially popular with campers.


Prilep Orthodox Church

Located under a bare hill adorned with the ruins of an old castle, Prilep is a city steeped in history. You can find valuable historical and touristic structures to see in this city, which is also close to Manastır, one of the largest cities in the country.

Prilep was once the seat of the medieval kingdom, so you can see many monasteries and churches around.

If you want to see a beautiful view in the city, you must walk up to the castle, which dates back to the 10th century. From here you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the city. You can also see many rock formations on the way.

If you want to see the most natural Macedonian culture in the country, add Prilep to your route.

6.Matka Canyon

Matka Canyon - Macedonia Travel Guide
Matka Canyon

Although Matka Canyon, which is famous for its unique scenery, is a place that is mostly visited by day trips in Skopje, you can also find accommodation facilities here.

You can find many tour companies in Skopje for this canyon, which you can easily reach by taxi or bus. But instead of going with tours, see this canyon individually. Even if you do not want to go by bus, if you are 2-3 people, be sure to check the prices of the taxis.

This is one of the most scenic places you can see in Macedonia. Although it is mostly famous for its long hiking trails, you can catch unique photos here, take a boat ride, visit monasteries or caves. So you can find many things to do in Matka Canyon.

7.Mavrova National Park

Mavrova National Park - Macedonia Places to Visit
Mavrova National Park

One of Macedonia’s other natural wonders, Mavrova National Park is famous for being the country’s highest mountain (Korab Mountain), the best ski resort (Zare Lazareski) and hosting one of the country’s favorite festivals (Galičnik Wedding Festival).

So if you are looking for a place that offers interesting culture and beautiful nature throughout the year, be sure to check out the Mavrova National Park.

The villages of Janche and Galichnik are famous for the best food in Macedonia. The best thing to do in these villages, which have become much more popular in recent years, is to taste Macedonian food.

8. Bay of Bones Museum

Bay of Bones Museum - Macedonia
Bay of Bones Museum

Also known as the Overwater Museum, this historic site is an archaeological complex located along the Ohrid coast at the Ploca Micov Kamen excavation site near Gradishte and Pestani.

This museum, which is an authentic reconstruction of the pile settlement, is one of the most beautiful places to visit with daily tours from Ohrid.

Although it is more famous for the scenery it offers, it is also quite remarkable for its history. Here, men and women You can imagine how they lived in the first millennium. There is also an ancient Roman military fort rebuilt on the hill nearby. Both can be easily visited by boats from Ohrid.

Bay of Bones Museum
Bay of Bones Museum


Kratova - The Stone Dolls
Kratova – The Stone Dolls

Kratova, known as the museum city, located in the crater of an extinct volcano, is one of the most famous cities in the country with its stone towers and 19th century architecture.

The city has underground tunnels and many medieval bridges, including the Rada Bridge.

If you are going to Kratova with day tours from Skopje, do not forget to take a look at the cluster of stone pillars called “The Stone Dolls”.


Radozhda Cave Church - Macedonia
in Radozhda

Located on Lake Ohrid just 2 km from the Albanian border, Radozhda is one of the most scenic villages in Macedonia. Apart from the 7 historical churches in the village, here you can enjoy the peaceful village environment and watch the unique sunset views.

Here, dating back to the 14th century, St. Be sure to check out the Archangel Michael cave church.

You can find many more cities, natural beauties, villages and towns to visit in Macedonia. If you are planning to create a nice travel route for Macedonia, it would be beneficial to go to Skopje first. This city is the place where you can both rent a car and make a good plan for the country. Besides, if you’re wondering what kind of nightlife Macedonia has, be sure to check out the nights in Skopje.

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