Keyboard Sound Mute Methods (How To Turn It Off?)

Keyboard sound mute It is one of the processes that are curious by mobile device users. Mobile devices, which emerged as a result of technological developments, have quite advanced features. A number of features on devices used by users for different purposes can be changed. One of the features where changes are allowed is the keyboard sound.

Apart from the keyboard sound, its appearance can also be changed. When making changes on mobile devices, the operating system is one of the important issues. The operating systems on the devices owned by users affect access to features. It is possible to turn off the keyboard sound in an easy way. First of all, it should be decided on which device you want to turn off the keyboard sound.

How to Turn Off Keyboard Sound?

It is possible to write on the screen thanks to the keyboards on the mobile devices. The keyboard is needed for various actions such as making calls and sending messages. When any key is pressed on the keyboard, the keyboard sounds. Synchronized with key tapping sound or vibration may occur. Keyboard sound mute can be set as sound and vibration. The sound can be turned off completely, as well as muted or increased.

Keyboard Mute
How to Turn Off Keyboard Sound?

Mobile devices have been widely used today. Devices used for various purposes have a great role in making daily actions much easier. Users can make customizations on their personal devices. mobile devices; It can be seen in the form of phones and tablets. There are changes in the features of the devices according to the operating systems. Changes in the features of the devices also cause differences in the management of the features. It may not be possible to perform the same operations on every device.

Keyboard Mute
How to Turn Off Keyboard Sound?

Keyboard sound mute For operations, the operating system of the device must be known first. Sound muting can be done easily by following the appropriate steps. Keyboard Different adjustments can be made from the part where the voice is allowed to be changed. In daily use, the keyboard sound can become quite annoying. Although phones in the group of mobile devices were preferred only for communication in the past, they can be considered as reduced computers today. Thanks to the features they have, it has become possible to use them in different ways.

Keyboard Sound Mute on Android Devices

Sound settings can be changed easily on mobile devices with Android operating system. Users keyboard sound mute or you can follow the steps below to change the vibration settings;

  1. Entering the Settings menu on an Android phone or tablet,
  2. Languages ​​and input are selected after the System option,
  3. Click on the Virtual Keyboard option,
  4. Preferences are selected,
  5. Go to the keypress window,
  6. Choose from the options that appear.
How to Turn Off Keyboard Sound?

There are several options in the Preferences section. Android users should choose the action they want to do via the keyboard. You can select a sound when the key is pressed, adjust the volume when the key is pressed, haptic feedback when the key is pressed, and vibration strength when the key is pressed.

Keyboard Sound Mute on iOS Devices

Keyboard sound and touch feedback can be changed on mobile devices with IOS operating system. To turn the keyboard sound on or off, the following steps should be followed;

  1. Settings app opens,
  2. Sound and Touch option is selected,
  3. Keyboard Feedback menu opens,
  4. It can be set whether the sound is on or off.

Users can also turn keyboard touch feedback on or off at any time. Touch can be turned on or off via the Keyboard Feedback menu. Keyboard sound mute operations are very easy. The steps should be followed in accordance with the operating system on mobile devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to download an app for keyboard sound mute?

No, directly the device’s settings menu is sufficient.

Can the keyboard sound be muted?

The keyboard volume can only be adjusted on Android devices. IOS devices have the ability to turn off and on.

Can keyboard mute be done at will?

Users can turn the sound on or off at any time from their device.

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