Is Huawei Smart Watch iPhone Compatible? (Certain answer)

Is Huawei smart watch compatible with iPhone?? This question is asked by many Huawei users. People in particular have a new Huawei smart watch If so, he often wonders if he can use it with his iPhone. When we realized that we have such a curiosity, we prepared a new guide for you. After this content, you can learn whether you can use your Huawei and iPhone phones together.

You can use Huawei smart watch and iPhone phones together. At this point, you need to pair your smart watch with the phone. We have shared how to do this in the rest of our content. We even shared a video on the subject. You can do the matching process by watching the video or reading our content.

Considerations Before Using Huawei Smart Watch with iPhone

Is Huawei Smart Watch Iphone Compatible?
Is Huawei Smart Watch iPhone Compatible?

Alright How to use Huawei smart watch with iPhone? Although this may seem difficult, it is quite easy. To pair your watch with your iPhone, it is necessary to download the Wear OS by Google APP from the iPhone App Store and follow the on-screen instructions.

In addition, there are some things that are recommended for you to know and pay attention to beforehand. By examining the table below, you can quickly see what you need to pay attention to:

My name Process
Step I Do not use your phone’s Bluetooth settings to pair your watch.
II. My name Before pairing, hold your watch on the pairing screen displaying the watch’s Bluetooth name.
III. My name To restore factory settings, press the power button while the watch’s home screen is on. Then select Settings, System, Disconnect and Reset.
IV. My name If your watch was previously paired with your phone, unpair your watch before pairing it again.
Step V If Wear OS by Google APP freezes, restart the app.
Is Huawei Smart Watch iPhone Compatible?

All these issues are the item titles that you need to pay attention to and are recommended to do. How to use Huawei smart watch with iPhone This way, the question can be answered better.

How to Use Huawei Smart Watch with iPhone?

Is Huawei Smart Watch iPhone Compatible?

How to use Huawei smart watch with iPhone can be performed as above. However, there are some issues that you should pay attention to before this. These are the basic items as follows:

  1. Place your watch in the charging dock. Make sure your phone is connected to the internet via mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  2. Press and hold the power button to turn on your watch and follow the onscreen instructions to choose a language.
  3. Download Wear OS by Google APP from App Store and install it on your phone. Follow the onscreen instructions to enable Bluetooth.

After completing these, you should only know how to pair your watch. This can be easily examined from the following items:

  1. Open Wear OS by Google APP. Then accept the terms and conditions on the next screen.
  2. Your phone will automatically list available Bluetooth devices. Find your watch by examining them and choose.
  3. In the Bluetooth Pairing Request dialog, select Pair. On the Confirm code to connect screen, check that the pairing key matches the one displayed on your watch, and then tap confirm to initiate the pairing.
  4. Once the phone is successfully paired with your watch, Paired will be displayed on both the phone and watch screens.
  5. Sign in to your Google account.
  6. After pairing is complete, follow the onscreen instructions to sign in to your Google account.
  7. After pairing the watch with your phone, Connected is displayed in the upper left corner of Wear OS by Google APP.

The watch face screen will also be displayed, indicating that the pairing is complete. By following these steps, you can complete the pairing process in a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Huawei Smart Watch iPhone Compatible

Are Huawei Smart Watches Compatible with iPhone?

How to Pair Huawei Smart Watches?

Huawei smart watches can be paired easily. It is possible to achieve them by simply following the necessary steps. If you have not done it before, you can go to a telephone technical service and explain the situation and find a solution again.

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