iPhone Model Ranking from Past to Present

Iphone model ranking It has increased rapidly since its first production date in 2007. iPhone is a smartphone series produced by Apple and popular around the world.

Apple has released a variety of iPhone models over the years, each aiming to provide its users with a unique experience by offering new features and advanced technologies. iPhone models are usually sorted by year of manufacture, series, and numbering.

Iphone Model Ranking (Detailed)
Iphone Model Ranking (Detailed)

iPhone Model Ranking

Each new model usually comes with innovations such as faster processors, improved cameras, larger screens and better battery life.

Model Release Year Main Features
iPhone 2007 Multi-touch screen, App Store
iPhone 3G 2008 3G support, GPS
iPhone 3GS 2009 Fast performance, advanced camera
iPhone 4 2010 Retina display, FaceTime
iPhone 4S 2011 Siri, enhanced camera
iPhone 5 2012 Slim design, Lightning connection
iPhone 5C 2013 Colored plastic case
iPhone 5S 2013 Touch ID fingerprint reader
iPhone 6 2014 Big screen, Apple Pay
iPhone 6 Plus 2014 Big screen, optical image stabilization
iPhone 6S 2015 3D Touch, enhanced camera
iPhone 6S Plus 2015 3D Touch, big screen
iPhone SE (1st generation) 2016 Small size, reasonable price
iPhone 7 2016 Water and dust resistance, stereo speakers
iPhone 7 Plus 2016 Dual rear camera, portrait mode
iPhone 8 2017 Wireless charging, A11 Bionic chip
iPhone 8 Plus 2017 Big screen, improved camera
iPhone X 2017 Frameless display, Face ID
iPhone XR 2018 Colorful design, Liquid Retina display
iPhone XS 2018 OLED screen, improved camera
iPhone XS Max 2018 Large OLED screen, dual rear cameras
iPhone 11 2019 Ultra wide camera, A13 Bionic chip
iPhone 11 Pro 2019 Triple rear camera, OLED display
iPhone 11 Pro Max 2019 Large OLED screen, improved battery
iPhone SE (2nd generation) 2020 Small size, A13 Bionic chip
iPhone 12 2020 MagSafe, A14 Bionic chip
iPhone 12 Mini 2020 Small size, MagSafe
iPhone 12 Pro 2020 Pro cameras, LiDAR scanner
iPhone 12 Pro Max 2020 Large OLED screen, enhanced camera, LiDAR scanner
iPhone 13 2021 A15 Bionic chip, ProMotion display
iPhone 13 Mini 2021 Small size, A15 Bionic chip
iPhone 13 Pro 2021 Pro cameras, ProMotion display, LiDAR scanner
iPhone 13 Pro Max 2021 Large OLED display, enhanced camera, ProMotion display, LiDAR scanner
Iphone Model Ranking 2023
Iphone Model Ranking 2023

iPhone (2007)

First iPhone modelhas been recognized as a milestone in the smartphone industry. It had a 3.5-inch touchscreen and its main features included web browsing, music playback and photo taking. The first iPhone supported 2G networks and had a 2 megapixel rear camera.

iPhone 3G (2008)

iPhone 3Gwas an enhanced version of the original iPhone model. It brought important innovations such as supporting 3G cellular networks and adding GPS feature. It also drew attention with better performance, expanded storage options, and a new app ecosystem like the App Store.

  • 3G network support,
  • GPS,
  • App Store support,
  • Bluetooth
  • High storage options (8GB and 16GB)

iPhone 3GS (2009)

iPhone 3GSwas launched as the successor to the iPhone 3G. Its performance and processing power have been improved and it has a faster processor. It also offered innovations such as the ability to record video and voice control.

  • advanced processor,
  • Better camera (3 megapixels),
  • video recording,
  • volume control,
  • faster internet speed
  • 16GB and 32GB high storage options

iPhone 4 (2010)

iPhone 4, introduced as the fourth generation of the iPhone series. This model came with important innovations such as a sharper screen, front and rear cameras, thinner design and Retina Display. At the same time, the video calling feature called FaceTime was introduced in this model.

  • Retina display (326 ppi),
  • FaceTime camera on the front,
  • thinner and sleeker design,
  • improved camera (5 megapixels),
  • LED flash and faster processor (A4 chip)

iPhone 4S (2011)

iPhone 4Swas an improved version of the iPhone 4. It came with new features like faster processor, better camera performance and virtual assistant called Siri. Siri used artificial intelligence technology to perform various tasks by detecting the user’s voice commands.

iPhone 5S (2012)

iPhone 5SIt came with a taller display, a slimmer profile, and a new port, the Lightning connector. It was also lighter and stronger. iPhone 5Swas the first iPhone model to support LTE cellular connectivity.

  • Fingerprint scanner (Touch ID),
  • 64-bit A7 processor,
  • Improved camera (8 megapixels)
  • Dual-tone LED flash

iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max (2019)

iPhone 11 seriesIntroduced on September 10, 2019. The iPhone 11 has a 6.1-inch LCD screen, dual rear cameras, and a more powerful processor. The iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max offer higher-end features with OLED displays, triple rear camera system and larger battery capacities.

iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max (2020)

iPhone 12 seriesIntroduced on October 13, 2020. All models come with 5G support, more powerful processors, improved cameras and a more durable ceramic shield. The iPhone 12 mini comes in a smaller size, while the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max have higher-end features.

iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max (2021)

Latest iPhone models The iPhone 13 series was introduced on September 14, 2021. It offers features such as improved cameras, more powerful processors, longer battery life and higher refresh rate displays. iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max provide a smoother experience with a 120Hz refresh rate called ProMotion.

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Frequently Asked Questions About iPhone Model Ranking

Which is the Newest iPhone Model?

Based on the date of manufacture, the latest iPhone model is the iPhone 13 series. This series consists of four different models, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. However, this information may change over time as Apple is constantly releasing new models.

How Does iPhone Model Numbering Work?

Apple often uses a simple approach to numbering iPhone models. Models are usually named with a big “iPhone” name followed by a number. For example, like iPhone 11, iPhone 12. The numbers are usually representative of a new series or a major update.

How Many Years Are iPhone Models Updated?

Apple usually releases a new iPhone model once a year. However, more than one iPhone model may be released during the year, sometimes with different variations or special editions. The release dates and update periods of the new models become clear when Apple announces them.

Which iPhone Model Has the Most Advanced Features?

Apple usually offers the most advanced technologies in the latest iPhone model. For example, the iPhone 13 series may have advanced features such as faster processors, improved camera systems and better battery life. However, as there are technological advancements with every new model, the latest iPhone model will usually have the most advanced features.

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