iPhone Cannot Add New Contact Problem and Solution

I can’t add new contacts on iPhone may be among the complaints voiced by users. iPhone phones with a wide user base offer advanced features for users. Thanks to the features it has and offers to the users, the operating system on the phones, which is appreciated by everyone, is different from other phones. The reason why it offers unique features is the operating system it has.

iPhone, which is separated from other phone brands thanks to the operating system called IOS, differs from other phones in terms of problems. Users need special solutions for the problems they experience. I can’t add new contacts on iPhone Information about what to do in the face of the problem can be obtained.

I Can’t Add Contacts to iPhone Why?

Users who cannot add new contacts to their iPhone may encounter different problems. The problems that may lead to situations where people are not registered are as follows;

  • The phone’s operating system is outdated.
  • If he’s signing up for a contact group that doesn’t appear in the Contacts app.
  • Contacts by Siri can lead to auto algorithm problem.
  • When it is not set as the default contacts account on iCloud.
iPhone Can't Add New Contact
iPhone Number Save Problem

Check for iOS Updates

iPhone The biggest cause of problems encountered in phones is usually operating system updates. In the absence of software updates developed for devices by Apple, users may have difficulty in taking any action. iPhone new contact I can not add is among these problems. The following steps can be followed to complete the updates in case of adding contacts;

  1. Make sure it is fully charged and a Wi-Fi connection is established,
  2. Settings app opens,
  3. General tab opens,
  4. Software Update is selected.

Enable Viewing of Groups in Contacts

There are different features available for users within the People app. Users who save a new number in groups called contact groups may not be able to reach the number. This is because the group is set to invisible. Things to do to view all the groups in the Contacts application;

  1. The People app opens,
  2. Groups are selected.
  3. All contact groups are marked and Done is clicked.
I can't add new contacts on iPhone
iPhone Number Save Problem

Setting iCloud as Default Contacts Account

I can’t add new contacts on iPhone Another method that can be tried against it can be done via iCloud. Saving it as the iCloud default contacts account can help fix the problem. Users with sufficient iCloud storage should follow these steps;

  1. All applications running on the device are closed,
  2. Settings app opens,
  3. contacts open,
  4. Default Account is selected and set to iCloud account,
  5. iPhoe restarts,
  6. Change the default Contacts account back to iCloud.

iCloud Contacts Sync Settings

Communication errors between iCloud and servers cause contact saving issues. iPhone can’t add new contact Users asking what should I do can disable and re-enable the synchronization settings to eliminate the communication error. Synchronization settings via iCloud should be done as follows;

  1. Settings app opens,
  2. iCloud opens,
  3. After disabling the slider, the People option is also disabled,
  4. Save Contacts to Your Phone in the alert is selected,
  5. Settings application is closed and waited for 5 minutes,
  6. The phone restarts
  7. Contact sync is enabled again via iCloud settings,
  8. Select Back Up Now from the Storage and Backup tab.
iPhone can't add new contact
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Registration of Contacts to Other Accounts is Stopped

There may be more than one configured account for contacts to be saved. Disabling it may work if it has been set in this way intentionally or unintentionally. iPhone new I can’t add people In the face of the problem, registrations to other accounts should be stopped. The steps to be followed are as follows;

  1. Settings app opens,
  2. Mail, Contacts, and Calendar open,
  3. Except for the account to be used for contacts synchronization, other email accounts are opened and Contacts Sync is disabled with the contacts slider set to off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add new contact on iPhone?

Enter the search field at the top of the contact list, and then enter the desired information. After the information is entered, it is saved. To save a contact, dialing can also be done from the search section.

Where does iPhone add new contacts?

One can browse iCloud to see where newly added contacts are registered. Features such as how and in what format contacts are displayed are accessible and also customizable.

How to mass delete numbers from iPhone contacts?

To delete numbers from iPhone devices in bulk, iCloud login is required. After the Contacts application is opened, select the All Contacts group and then the person or people to be deleted.

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