HUGE Increase in Spotify Subscription Fees!

Spotify, the online music platform, has increased its subscription fees in Turkey. This was to be expected after the increase in subscription fees in the US. So, how much were the subscription prices after these hikes on the Spotify side? We have shared all the developments that are curious about the subject for you in our content.

The rising exchange rates in Turkey in recent times are reflected in various subscription services as a raise. Spotify is one of these companies. Spotify, had raised its prices in the US a while ago, and now it has hiked its subscription prices in Turkey. With this increase, the price increase in all packages was over 30 percent.

New Prices on Spotify Subscription Packages

As a result of the hikes, the prices of all subscription packages on Spotify have increased. Here are the new prices:

  • Individual: 39.99 TL
  • Duo: 54.99 TL
  • Family: 64.99 TL
  • Student: 21.99 TL

With these hikes, Spotify Individual subscription fee goes from 29.99 TL to 39.99 TL; Duo package: from 39.99 TL to 54.99 TL; Family package increased from 49.99 TL to 64.99 TL and finally Student package increased from 14.99 TL to 21.99 TL.

Spotify vs. Competitors

The current prices for Apple Music, Spotify’s main competitor, are 9.99 TL, 19.99 TL and 29.99 TL for student, individual and family packages, respectively. Increasing the prices of its products in Turkey rapidly with exchange rate increases, Apple has kept the prices of its Music service stable for a long time. Other competitor YouTube PremiumPrices start from 29.99 TL in Turkey. For students, it is 19.49 TL per month. What do you think about the new prices?

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