How to Twitch Ad Blocking? (Exact Method)

Twitch ad blocking Thanks to its ways, it may be possible to watch broadcasts without advertisements. The platform, which has become very popular recently, has advanced features for live broadcasters and viewers who enjoy watching the broadcasts. On the platform where broadcasts of various content are made, viewers can participate in broadcasts through their personal accounts. While watching the live broadcast of your favorite broadcaster, it can be quite boring to constantly encounter advertisements.

There are different ways to get rid of ads. To get rid of ads in a practical way, you can follow the broadcasts without seeing the ads that are broadcast one after the other. Although blocking applications come to mind first to eliminate ads, there are different ways to choose from. Twitch streams can be watched ad-free on both desktop and mobile devices.

What Do Twitch Ads Do?

Twitch ad blocking
Twitch Ad Blocker

The platform, which is popular around the world, uses subscriptions and advertisements to earn its earnings. The platform, which started to have a large audience, increased its advertising broadcasts in a short time. There are two types of advertisements encountered within the platform;

  • Static ad.
  • Video advertisement.

Static advertisements appearing before users while navigating within the platform and video advertisements appearing during broadcasts are among the situations that disturb users. For constantly encountering a different advertisement on the site and especially for problems that cause broadcasts to be split Twitch ad blocking paths can be viewed. It is possible to get rid of both types of ads with ad blocking ways.

Ways to Block Twitch Ads

Twitch ad blocking
Twitch Ad Blocker

The frequently preferred method to eliminate ads is to use a VPN. It helps users to block ads easily. It is frequently preferred by users because it is an effective and popular method. Twitch ad blocking It has become forbidden for popular broadcasters to talk about VPN during broadcasts because of the effective results among the methods. Although VPN is preferred as the most effective method, it is necessary to have a fast internet. Users with insufficient internet may prefer other ways.

1. Changing Location Using VPN

Twitch ad blocking
Twitch Ad Blocker

It can be used on both mobile and desktop devices, although it can be a bit of a hassle for users trying to connect to the platform with mobile devices. using a VPN; It helps to assign a different IP address to the user. Thanks to the new IP, access is provided through a server located in a different country. By choosing one of the countries where there is no advertisement during the broadcasts, thanks to the VPN Twitch ad blocking becomes possible. Broadcasts can be watched ad-free in countries such as Russia, Colombia, Poland, Serbia, Costa Rica and Ukraine. Region selection can be made while assigning IP.

2. Using an Ad-Blocking Browser

It is one of the easiest methods to block ads on mobile devices. Switching browsers is possible on both mobile and desktop devices. The vast majority of users prefer the application to watch broadcasts. After the browser change, the website should be preferred for publications. Brave and Opera block tracking of third-party ads. without any interruptions during broadcasts Twitch ads blocking it is done simply.

3. Proxy Software Installation

Proxy, which acts as an intermediary between you and the site you want to connect to, uses the server for web traffic to connect with websites on behalf of the user. By imitating the IP address of the proxy server with the virtual location, it provides access to the site to be connected. VPN You can have an ad-free viewing experience with the method, which has a similar working logic with using it. A proxy server can be used by connecting to a country where there are no advertisements. Although the free method is preferred by many users, it is not as reliable as the VPN method.

Using Twitch Ad Blocker

Twitch Ad Blocking
Twitch Ad Blocker

Ad blocking programs, which are one of the definitive solutions, can be used for advertisements that appear on the screen constantly. It helps to block the ads on the page in a short time. The fact that it is a reliable and free method makes it preferred on desktop devices. uBlock Origin available as an open source browser extension available on Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Firefox Twitch ad blocking has effective results among the ways.

1. Twitchls

Twitchls, a tool for watching Twitch streams through an embedded video player, can help block ads. The platform, which helps to block ad types, may cause users to face some restrictions. It offers access to broadcast chat, but encounters restrictions on interactions such as Twitch loot and channel points.

2. Becoming a Twitch Turbo Subscriber

It is one of the methods that users with a tight Twitch stream follower can prefer. Users who follow too many channels and broadcasters, Twitch ad blocking You can choose Twitch Turbo subscription among the ways. Subscription, which can be used to remove ads, rarely allows some ads to be served.

Certain fees are required to block ads using Turbo. Among the methods used to block ads, the most costly way is to subscribe to Turbo. Although it is a paid way, there are various privileges offered to users. Users who get rid of ads during broadcasts can also benefit from features such as custom username color.

3. Download Adguard App

Adugard is one of the methods that can be used on mobile devices with Android operating system. Similar software is available, although it is not available in the IOS operating system. Users who want to access broadcasts via mobile devices may prefer the application. Twitch ad blocking Thanks to the application, you will not encounter any ads while watching the broadcasts.

It’s easy to get rid of ads while comfortably following your favorite streamers. Android device users can get effective results both on the search engine and on the application by using ad-blocking applications. On devices with IOS operating system, applications can only give useful results in Twitch broadcasts via the search engine. Practical actions can also be preferred on mobile devices to disable ads.

4. Subscribe to Publisher

The simplest method to block ads is to subscribe to publishers. It is one of the ways that can be preferred for users who do not follow too many publishers on the platform. Users who want to eliminate ads completely can subscribe to their favorite publishers. While supporting your favorite publishers, you also get rid of ads. Twitch ad blocking By choosing the appropriate method among the methods, it is possible to prevent the broadcasts from being divided by boring advertisements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Twitch ad-blocking apps paid?

There are ads that can be preferred free of charge.

Does Twitch ad blocking cause any harm to devices?

It is necessary to make sure that the preferred methods are safe.

Do Twitch ad blocking methods eliminate all ads?

In some methods, only video ads are blocked, while in others, pre-broadcast videos cannot be blocked.

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