How to Turn Off Facebook Friend Suggestion?

Facebook friend suggestion turn off Thanks to this, users do not have to encounter a new recommendation every time they open the Facebook application. Thanks to friend recommendation, it can be much easier to find users you know. Users who are bored with the suggestions that are constantly on the home page can get rid of the suggestions with a few easy steps.

Being among the oldest social media platforms, Facebook has a very large user base. Users can see the accounts of people they may know when they log in to the platform through their accounts. Although friend suggestions are a useful feature for many users, many users also consider it an annoying post.

What Does Facebook People You May Know Feature Do?

The People You May Know feature is among the features developed specifically for Facebook users. It is one of the easiest ways to find users who have commonalities. They are lists of people that users might want to be friends with.

Turning Off Facebook Friend Suggestion
Turning Off Facebook Page Suggestions

Although mutual friends are one of the biggest factors, it ensures that you are included in the People You May Know list at common points such as the same workplace or school. Thanks to the Add Friend button under the people on the list, new friendships can be established. By sending a friend request, you can simply become friends with users you have in common.

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How to Turn Off Facebook Friend Suggestions

Facebook It sends various notifications apart from the People You May Know lists it has prepared for its users. Users who do not want to receive notifications frequently during the day can turn off notifications. From the website or mobile apps Facebook friend suggestion turn off steps can be applied. You can also get help from the notification settings of the device used to turn off Facebook friend suggestions. Notifications can be easily turned off via the Facebook app’s own settings.

Facebook friend suggestion turn off
Turning Off Facebook Page Suggestions

Disable Friend Suggestion From Website

Those who use the website for Facebook, Facebook friend suggestion turn off You can follow these steps for:

  1. Facebook opens,
  2. Click the Menu icon in the upper right corner,
  3. Settings and the Privacy option is selected,
  4. Click on Settings,
  5. Notifications are selected from the options on the left of the screen that opens,
  6. Click on People You May Know,
  7. The Allow Notifications option on Facebook is disabled.

Turning Off Friend Suggestions From Mobile Devices

From mobile devices Facebook friend suggestion turn off What to do in order;

  1. Facebook app opens,
  2. Touching the Menu icon on the screen,
  3. Settings and Security option is selected,
  4. After selecting Settings, Notification Settings is selected,
  5. Tap on People You May Know,
  6. The Allow Notifications option on Facebook is disabled.
Facebook friend suggestion turn off
Turning On Facebook Friend Suggestions

How to Remove Facebook Friend Suggestion?

You can remove the people you think are not useful among the friend suggestions separately. The user can be removed from the main page thanks to the Remove option next to the name of any of the users who are among the friend suggestions on the home page. Thanks to the features that allow you to edit friend suggestions, you can easily remove users you do not want to see from the home page.

Facebook friend suggestion turn off You can remove annoying notifications by turning off notifications, and remove users among the suggestions with the Remove option. Facebook users can benefit from various settings for friend suggestions and accounts they may know in their accounts. Notifications can be disabled so that you don’t constantly receive notifications about people you may know.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Facebook friend recommendation based on?

Friend suggestions that Facebook users come across are usually sorted by location and mutual friends. At the same time, users who synchronize their phonebook can see the contacts registered in their phonebook and who have an account in their friend suggestions.

How to suggest Facebook friends?

There is a Refer a Friend link at the bottom of the profile page of the person you are friends with on Facebook. Thanks to the link, you can choose a friend to start with. You can suggest friends with Send Suggestion.

How to find friends on Facebook?

A friend can be found with the name and surname of the person via the search box on the Facebook interface. It is also possible to find the people registered in the contacts from the people you may know section.

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