How to Sign Out of Twitter? (Android and PC)

How to log out of Twitter The question is one of the questions asked by new users. Twitter, which has been one of the most used social media platforms for a long time, allows users to share their feelings and thoughts with tweets. An account can be opened easily to take part in the platform, which has millions of users.

Once new users have created their accounts, they can learn how to log out of their accounts and take action more easily. The vast majority of users use the application they download on their smartphones or tablets. Thanks to the application, there is no need to close and open the account every time.

Signing Out of Android Twitter

Android Users with the device must follow a few steps to log out of the Twitter app. When logging out of Android devices, the account is not deleted. The account can be accessed by logging in again. on Android devices How to log out of Twitter The steps to follow are as follows;

  1. Click on the profile picture or the navigation menu icon,
  2. Settings and privacy are selected,
  3. Click on the account option,

After selecting the account information, Sign Out is selected,

  • Click the OK command on the screen.
How to log out of Twitter
Signing Out of Twitter on Computer

iPhone Twitter Sign Out Methods

iPhone Thanks to the IOS operating system on the devices, three different methods can be preferred to log out of accounts. To exit the application, the following must be done;

  1. Click the profile icon,
  2. Settings and privacy option is selected,
  3. First, select Account, then Sign Out.

Users can enter their username and password to re-add their account to the application by clicking Login. Users who forget the password of the account can get help from the reset password option at the bottom of the screen. The steps to follow for entry and exit processes are quite easy.

Signing Out of Twitter on Computer

Removing Account from Device’s Settings

Users with an iPhone can also get help from the device’s settings. iPhone devices with advanced features also allow Twitter users to log out through the settings application. from iPhone device settings How to log out of Twitter The answer to be given is as follows;

  1. The settings menu opens,
  2. Twitter is written in the search section,
  3. The account to be removed is selected,
  4. Click on Delete Account.
How to log out of Twitter
Signing Out of Twitter on the Phone

Removing Access from

When Twitter users use an iPhone for access, they can finally log out via The Twitter application is opened via the Applications tab. The account can be closed by selecting the Remove access option. How to log out of Twitter For the question, the steps should be followed in order according to the appropriate device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the option to exit Twitter?

Twitter users should click on the Settings option on the menu that opens when they click on their profile picture to exit the application. Exit option is selected on Settings and exit is done.

Is it possible to log out on other devices when the Twitter user password is changed?

If users leave their accounts open on different devices when the password is changed, they will be logged out in a short time. Re-login with the new password is required.

Does Twitter delete inactive accounts?

Accounts that are not logged in frequently can be permanently deleted. Users must log in at least once every 30 days for the account to be active.

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