How to Save Word File as PDF?

Save Word file as PDF It is an issue that is wondered by people who use Office programs. After saving the files in PDF format, it is possible to transmit them easily. It is an important format for sharing files and printing them from printers. It can be saved in PDF format without the need for any other software or add-on.

PDF format should be used when it is desired to obtain a file that looks the same on different computers. The file has a much larger size in Word, while the PDF format has a smaller file size. PDF conversion is an important issue for it to be suitable for industry format. Format change is essential for professional transmission of legal documents, resumes, newsletters, files that need to be printed and corrected.

Saving a Windows Word File as PDF

Users who want to make format changes on Windows devices should follow the instructions step by step. If Word is used as an Office program, the following steps should be followed;

  1. If the file is not saved; Save As should be selected from the file window, if the file has been saved; Save Copy should be selected from the File window,
  2. Browse must be selected to select the location where the file is to be saved,
  3. Click on the PDF format in the drop-down list,
  4. After clicking the Save button, the process is completed.
Save Word file as PDF
Save Word file as PDF

How to Save a macOS Word File as PDF

Formatting the file ensures that the document is protected and easy to share. Files in PDF format retain their intended form when viewed online or printed. The PDF format is very useful for documents to be reproduced through commercial printing methods. PDF is considered a valid format in many different environments. From Mac device Word file as PDF save The following steps can be followed for the process;

  1. The file is selected,
  2. Select Save As,
  3. File Format is selected at the bottom of the window,
  4. PDF should be selected from the available file formats,
  5. The file must be named, for files without a name, Export can be selected.

One of the known issues with Word on Mac devices; hyperlinks may not be converted correctly during printing. Microsoft font with legal rights is used for online readings. If the document used has a special font, the font must be changed. Not changing the font can cause problems.

Word file iOS It is very easy to convert to PDF format via To export the file as PDF, click the File button at the top left, after selecting Export, choose PDF. It is possible to export the file as PDF quickly and simply. Converting Word file to PDF format is very important. Many jobs in daily life have been moved to the digital environment. Changing the format of the Word file should be known in order to be able to continue operations without any problems between digital media.

Save Word file as PDF

Saving a Web Word File as PDF

As a result of the operations, a PDF is created in which the format and layout of the document that is unique to you is preserved. Desktop application should be preferred in cases where the PDF document needs more control. Save Word file as PDF for web it can be done like this;

  1. Print should be selected on the File menu,
  2. Save as PDF is selected in the menu that opens under Printer, and then Save should be selected,
  3. The PDF file can be named via the Navigator Menu, it should be selected where it is desired to be saved,
  4. After the operations are completed, Save is selected.
Save Word file as PDF

Where is PDF Format Used?

Regardless of the operating system of the device used, it can be easily converted to PDF format. PDF, called a portable file format, has an effective role in protecting documents. It is a format that makes file sharing easier and hassle-free. Its use is common in documents to be reproduced. Instead of transmitting the Word file as is and making it reusable, it is converted to PDF format. It is more preferable than the XPS format.

XPS is an electronic file format used to preserve document formatting and file sharing. It is a format that has the features seen in PDF format. An XPS formatted file retains its format when printed or viewed online. It prevents the data in the file from being easily changed. PDF Worldwide, PDF is used more frequently, although XPS and XPS are considered file formats with the same characteristics. Word file as PDF save It is an important issue to follow the steps for the operations and not to mix the order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are PDF and XPS the same file format?

No, they are treated as different file formats.

Can’t the Word file be shared outside of the PDF format?

It is possible to share the Word file without changing its format.

Why is the PDF format preferred?

It is preferred for protecting the file and sharing it without any problems.

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