How to Mirror iPhone Screen to TV?

Mirror iPhone screen to TV You can start to share the screens of the phones you use with information on the television in an easy way. Thanks to the features they have, iPhone phones allow users to have a much better quality experience. Users can have much more than just communicating with the phone, thanks to the features available on their devices.

Apple, which has become one of the most used phone brands worldwide, regularly releases new updates for iPhone phones. Recent releases add a whole new dimension to users’ experiences. It’s easy to share iPhone screens on TVs, with operating system updates that speed up usage and eliminate glitches.

How to Use iPhone Screen to Television Feature?

Mirror iPhone screen to TV
iPhone screen mirroring Not Finding TV

iPhone if its users have a model that is compatible with the version of the operating system on their device; can share their screen with the television. The feature, which allows viewing photos and videos on much larger screens, is loved by many users. You can have information about how the feature is used in order to benefit from the privileges offered by the Apple brand for its users. Thanks to the feature called AirPlay, you can bring together the screens of your smart TVs and phones.

What Does the AirPlay Feature Do?

Thanks to the AirPlay feature, users can share different content such as photos, videos and music with their televisions. AirPlay is used not only to transfer images, but also to share audio content such as music. Protecting the shared content privately and confidentially for users makes it a very popular feature. Movies, videos, It is a great advantage to be able to share phone screens on television for photos and presentations of good memories. iPhone screen mirroring on tv Known as the AirPlay feature, it allows users to experience their phone usage in a much higher quality way.

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How to Mirror iPhone Screen to TV?

Users need Apple TV or an AirPlay compatible smart TV to mirror their iPhone’s screen. The Wi-Fi network used by the iPhone phone and the television must be connected to the same internet network. After the internet connection is established Mirror iPhone screen to TV The steps to be followed are as follows;

  1. Control Center opens,
  2. Swipe up from the top right corner or bottom edge of the screen,
  3. Click on Screen Mirroring icon,
  4. TV is selected from the list seen on the screen,
  5. If there is an AirPlay password on the TV screen, the same password is entered on the phone.

How to Cast Video to iPhone TV?

It is also possible to mirror the videos on the phone screen to the television screen. iPhone mirror your screen to tv For this, the following must be done;

  1. iPhone and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network,
  2. The video that you want to share opens on the screen,
  3. Tap on the AirPlay icon, it may be necessary to click the Share icon first from the Photos app for the AirPlay icon,
  4. TV is selected from the list.

iPhone Screen Is Automatically Mirrored To A Device What Should I Do?

Mirror iPhone screen to TV
iPhone screen mirroring Won’t Find TV

When users want to use the AirPlay feature, they can automatically see sharing on any screen. Mirror iPhone screen on TV It is normal to automatically share on a screen while you are doing it. Frequently shared screens can be automatically linked. Users who want to use the AirPlay feature on a different device can select a different TV by clicking the Screen Mirroring icon.

Mirror iPhone screen to TV
iPhone Screen Sharing

I Can’t Mirror iPhone Screen to TV Why?

Users who want to use the AirPlay feature on iPhone phones should first check the version of their device’s operating system. It is also necessary for the television to be shared to support the AirPlay feature. Mirror iPhone screen on TV Users who have problems during the process may experience mishaps due to the video application not supporting the feature. It may be helpful to check if the app used to share videos is available in the AppStore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which iPhone models can mirror to TV?

In order to mirror to the TV via iPhone phones, the operating systems of the phones must be IOS 14 and above.

Which TVs are used to mirror iPhone screen to TV?

Users who want to share photos or images from iPhone need Apple TV for television or an AirPlay 2-enabled smart TV. There is no sharing with other televisions.

Do you need any app for iPhone screen mirroring feature?

No, users can screen share without having to download any app to their device. Thanks to the AirPlay feature on iPhone phones, it is very easy to share the phone screen on the television screen.

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