How to Hide WhatsApp Messages? (Best Method)

WhatsApp message hide Thanks to this, users can keep their messages securely. WhatsApp, the most used messaging application today, offers various features for its users. The application, which allows users to communicate by messaging, has gained various features over time. Thanks to the updates, it has become possible to communicate in many different ways.

Users who can chat by voice, video and messaging can take place individually or in groups. It may be necessary to hide messages or chats for various reasons. Users can use very practical methods to hide their messages. Various methods can be preferred to hide and reuse messages in a short time.

How to Hide WhatsApp Messages?

Users can use the app or their device to hide their messages. Users who want to hide their messages can take advantage of the advanced features in the application. It is also possible to get help from the device settings according to the device used.

WhatsApp Message Hide
WhatsApp chat hider app

Although there are different programs, applications and software for message hiding, all of them can be used as third parties. It does not provide a guaranteed use of the data in the application or the security of the device. It is safer options to use the features of the application and device to avoid any problems. WhatsApp message hide It is possible to hide messages easily thanks to its methods.

Archiving Messages

Message archiving, which is one of the easiest methods of hiding messages, can be done within the application. All chats can be accessed on the screen when logged into the application. It is possible to see it as a notification in case of messages from the chats on the screen. Users who do not want to receive notifications and do not want messages to appear in the chat window WhatsApp message hide To do this, you can follow the archiving steps. Things to do to archive messages are as follows;

  1. WhatsApp application opens,
  2. The message that you want to archive is swiped left or pressed on it,
  3. The Archive option is selected.
WhatsApp message hide
WhatsApp chat hider app

Archiving messages is pretty easy. Archived messages on Android devices are found at the bottom of chats. On iPhones, archived messages appear at the top of chats. Users do not receive any notifications from the messages they archive. Messages continue to arrive but do not appear in the chat window. It is possible to extract archived messages back to the chat window. Follow the steps for archiving and select the Unarchive option.

Encrypting Messages

The methods to be preferred for hiding messages may be insufficient in some cases. Users can encrypt messages to increase their security. Android and iPhone fingerprints or Face ID Messages can be hidden using Incoming messages become accessible only to the owner of the phone. WhatsApp message hide Users who want to make encryption for their password can follow these steps;

  1. WhatsApp application opens,
  2. The settings menu opens,
  3. The privacy option is selected,
  4. The screen lock located at the bottom of the screen is activated.

Turning Off WhatsApp Notifications

Users who do not want messages to appear only as notifications on the screen can turn off notifications or mute chats. Using the device’s own settings WhatsApp To turn off notifications, you need to do the following;

  1. The settings menu opens,
  2. Notification option is selected,
  3. WhatsApp application is available,
  4. Necessary settings are made to hide notifications.

Turning off notifications via Settings can be done on Android and iPhone devices. Users can restrict or customize notifications in different ways. Turning off notifications ensures that no notifications appear on the phone’s screen. WhatsApp message hide Another option that can be preferred as one of the methods is to mute the chats. If there are users who only want to turn off notifications for certain chats, they can mute the chats. Things to do to mute conversations;

WhatsApp message hide
WhatsApp chat hider app
  1. WhatsApp application opens,
  2. Long press on the chat that you want to be muted,
  3. Mute is selected from the options that appear,
  4. The desired time to remain silent is determined.

When muting chats, users are offered different duration options. It is possible to choose specific durations or to mute them completely. Although the chats appear on the chat screen when they are muted, no notification is on the screen. A message can be received from the other party and a message can be sent. It is a preferred method to prevent notifications from appearing on the screen.

How to Hide WhatsApp Application

WhatsApp message hide One of the methods that offers a definitive solution among the methods is to hide the application. It is possible to hide the application directly on the device when there is no hiding for certain messages and chats. Users can hide the application by taking advantage of the features of the devices. Although it offers the definitive solution for hiding messages, it can be difficult to use. Users should make the application visible again when they want to access the messages.

Although it is a preferred method in terms of messaging comfort, it is one of the guaranteed methods. It allows to hide not only messages but also the application. When looking at the device’s applications, WhatsApp is not visible. Messages can be preferred according to the reason for hiding. Hiding the app to keep your messages safe also prevents notifications.

There are also methods that can be preferred apart from the options offered to hide the messages. Although it can be hidden by third-party apps, it can be the last option for the security of devices and data. WhatsApp message hiding can also be done securely. It is quite easy to hide chats thanks to the archiving method. It is possible to restore messages after selected methods, they can be considered as workarounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use a different app to hide WhatsApp messages?

Applications that can be run as APKs can be used on devices with Android or IOS operating systems. Other methods may be preferred in order not to jeopardize the security of the device.

When WhatsApp messages are archived, do they continue to arrive?

Yes, a message can be received from the other party when archiving is done. It is not possible to see only the notifications on the screen.

Is it possible to recover deleted WhatsApp messages?

It is possible to recover messages that were accidentally deleted or to hide messages. Users can choose different methods to retrieve messages.

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