How to Fix WhatsApp Last Seen?

WhatsApp last seen pinning It is very curious by users. Last seen shows the last time users were online within the app. The last seen feature, which offers the exact time and day feature, provides benefits in many ways, but in some cases it is a situation that users avoid. For many years, WhatsApp, the most used messaging application, has developed many features from the past to the present.

Although different features have been developed within the application, no work has been done to keep the last seen constant. Last seen features include close and open commands. Users who turn off their last seen will not be able to access their last seen on other users. It is a situation that limits access mutually. Although there is no specific feature on this subject, different methods can be preferred.

Ways to Fix WhatsApp Last Seen

Whatsapp Last Seen Fix
Fix WhatsApp Last Seen

WhatsApp last seen pinning There are many different methods in between. Usually, fastening is done using various applications. Third-party apps Whatsapp has no connection with. Using another application may cause risky situations. They may be delivering the services they promise, but there is no need to take any risks. Last seen can be fixed in different ways. Fixing can be done without using any application, program or software.

1. Disconnecting the Internet

WhatsApp Last seen information is updated every time users open an application. To see the last seen information; The chat window should open. There is last seen information under the contact’s name or number. Writes the hour and minute users were last online. Users may want their last seen to remain unchanged for various reasons. Although the most basic and simple method is to turn off the last seen information, the last seen of other users is also turned off.

WhatsApp last seen pinning One of the methods is to disconnect the internet connection. The steps to send a message without changing the last seen are as follows;

  • Wi-Fi or mobile data must be turned off,
  • Make sure that the device is not connected to any internet network,
  • Whatsapp application login,
  • The chat to which you want to write a message is opened and a message is sent,
  • Message will not be sent because there is no internet connection,
  • Exit the application and wait,
  • Internet connection is restored and the message is gone.
Whatsapp Last Seen Fix
Whatsapp Last Seen Fix

2.Airplane Mode

It is a method that has the same logic as disconnecting the Internet. Whatsapp last seen fix It is very practical to switch the device directly to airplane mode. Instead of messing with mobile data or Wi-Fi settings, airplane mode is a quick solution. After turning on airplane mode, the message is sent as in the other method. Since there is no internet connection, Whatsapp is entered without being online.

Airplane mode can be turned off after exiting the application and waiting for a few minutes. When the internet connection is re-established, the message will go away by itself. Users do not need to re-enter the application. Even if the message internet opening time goes, there is no change in the last seen information. These are the most preferred methods by users.

Whatsapp Last Seen Fix
Whatsapp Last Seen Fix

3.Changing Phone Time

WhatsApp last seen pinning One of the most frequently asked questions is to change the time of the phone. Although it may seem like an effective method, such a thing is not possible. When the clock settings are changed, users encounter a clock warning. Time changes cause problems in transmitting messages, updating and similar issues. The easiest way to fix the last seen without using any program is to turn off the internet.

In WhatsApp, you may notice that messages are not sent in some periods. There are many settings you can apply or control at this point. to these settings available via the link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does WhatsApp have last seen pinning feature?

No, there is no such feature in the app.

What is the most practical way to fix Whatsapp last seen?

It is the most practical method to send a message by putting the device in airplane mode.

What is Whatsapp last seen?

It is the information that shows the last time users were online.

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