How to Do Discord Screen Sharing?

Discord screen sharing How to do it is among the topics that users are curious about. Discord is among the applications that allow users to chat with voice, video and text. In recent years, it has become very popular especially among game lovers to communicate with voice. Developments in areas such as hybrid education and business have led to the preference of applications such as Discord.

Users can chat in high quality, individually or in groups, thanks to an internet connection. Presenting something visually on the screen during conversations helps to establish a much more effective and understandable communication. Users can share their screen while playing games, meeting or online classes. It is enough to follow the steps according to the device used to benefit from the features offered by the application to the users.

What Does Discord Screen Sharing Do?

How to Share a Discord Screen
Discord Screen Sharing Settings

Screen sharing during chats can become a great need. It is possible to use the Discord application for many different purposes. The application, which meets the needs of users without any problems, makes it possible to share screens thanks to the feature it offers. Users who play games can have a much stronger team by communicating vocally through the application. It helps to establish a more effective communication by providing the opportunity to make a presentation at any business meeting. In the application that meets the needs of the users How to screen share on Discord Users who ask the question can practically share their screens clearly with the users in the chat.

Is Discord Screen Sharing on the Phone?

It is possible to enter the Discord application from mobile devices and desktop devices. Voice, video and written communication can be established within the application developed as a chat application. Generally, the preferred application for voice or video chats has a higher performance compared to similar applications. Users who want to screen share can share their screen from whatever device they are connected to for chat. Logging into the application from a phone or computer does not pose any problems. Users can also share screens in their chats over the phone.

How to Do Discord Screen Sharing on Computer?

How to screen share on Discord If users who want to get information about the application are logging into the application on a computer, they should follow these steps;

  1. Discord opens,
  2. Select which server you want to share with,
  3. Go to the audio channel on the server,
  4. Click on the monitor icon in the middle of the icons under the channel list.

How to Do Discord Screen Sharing on the Phone?

How to screen share on Discord
Discord Screen Sharing Settings

Telephone Users logging in via can share the screen as follows;

  1. Discord application opens,
  2. A voice or video chat is started,
  3. On the call interface, the option or icon that says Screen Sharing is selected,
  4. Click the Start Now button on the confirmation screen.

Users on their devices How to screen share on Discord If no access is found despite following the steps, the device does not have permission to screen share. Users can fix the problem by updating their device or application. If the problem persists after updates, a different device may be preferred for screen sharing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need an app to screen share Discord?

No, screen sharing can be done directly from the Discord app. There is no need to use an extra application.

Is it necessary to end the chat to stop Discord screen sharing?

Thanks to the settings on the screen, screen sharing can be stopped without ending the chat.

Can two users do Discord screen sharing at the same time?

No, screen sharing can be done by a single user. After screen sharing is terminated, other users can share their screens.

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