How to Delete Wifi History? (Step by step)

How to delete wifi history Users who want to know about it may want to delete the Wifi history for various reasons. The number of Internet users is increasing day by day. Internet connections, which have been widely used, have started to be used actively in various parts of life such as home, work and school.

Through the Internet, users can access many different data in seconds. It can be used for different purposes such as socialization as well as gaining important functions. Different interactions such as searching with internet browsers, downloading programs or applications with internet connection can be established. Users How to delete wifi history That’s why you can look for an answer to the question.

How to View Wifi History

Distributors called modems are used in environments such as home and office to establish an Internet connection. They are tools used to connect mobile or desktop devices to the internet. Connections established through modems are called wireless connections, otherwise known as Wifi. Modems basically store the information of the connecting devices. Looking at the recorded information, it is possible to encounter IP and MAC addresses.

How to delete wifi history
How to Delete Wifi Modem Call History?

Since IP addresses are fixed to dynamic structures, IP addresses change when the modem is turned on and off. How to delete wifi history It is necessary to go to the Wifi history beforehand. Users who want to delete wifi history can go to modem history by following these steps;

  1. Login to the modem interface,
  2. Security settings are selected,
  3. Click on system options,
  4. Event logs are selected,
  5. Click on the system logs option,
  6. Click on the link to see the system logs.

Are Site Addresses Included in the Wifi History?

Users cannot access their browser history on wifi history. The information stored on the modem is only IP addresses. How to delete wifi history The question also does not answer the question of how to delete browser history. The addresses of the sites visited through the browser are only included in the browser history. Deletion can be done easily via the browser’s settings menu.

How to Delete Wifi Modem Call History?

Wifi History Deleted?

wifi It is not possible to delete the historical records of the modems actively used to establish the connection. Although it is possible to access the modem interface, deletion cannot be done from this window. Although there is no technical deletion process, different methods can be applied. Although the deletion process is not included in the options, turning the modem off and on is a useful method. Turning the modem off and on resets the device. It is also not possible to delete the history, since the information stored on modems is limited.

How to delete wifi history
How to Delete Wifi Modem Call History?

How to Delete Wifi History?

Users may encounter some limits on accessing wifi history. To look at the wifi history, a number of conditions must be met. Requires activities such as parental control setting. Although users meet the conditions, they cannot provide full data control. The query expression searched by the user can be displayed as an attempt to login to the banned site. How to delete wifi history The following answer can be given;

  1. Log in to the modem via the browser,
  2. Advanced connection is selected,
  3. Click on System.
  4. Click on system history,
  5. Modem history appears on the screen as call history,
  6. Clear all is selected.

Turning the modem off and on

Turning the modem off and on often deletes data other than important files. Although it is a situation that develops depending on the modem, pulling the plug prevents the daily history from being stored. In case of reopening, it can be seen that only important files remain.

How to delete wifi history
How to Delete Wifi Modem Call History?

Resetting the Modem

What to do to reset the modem is quite simple. How to delete wifi history One of the ways to follow about it is to reset the modem. There is a small hole next to the on and off button on the back of the modem box. Thanks to the small hole, it is possible to reset the modem box and return it to factory settings. The reset process may cause problems in establishing the internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Wifi history visible from the modem?

It is not possible to see the Wifi history over the modem, users can take a dump with the help of the internet service provider.

Can wifi history be permanently deleted?

Thanks to methods such as resetting the modem, the Wifi history is permanently deleted.

Can wifi see visited sites?

Wifi used in personal home internet cannot see visited sites. However, there may be situations such as accessing personal information when accessing harmful sites.

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