How to Conferencing on a Smartphone? (Step by step)

How to hold a conference on smartphone It is one of the topics that users are curious about. Smartphones have many different features that they offer to users. Devices developed to communicate have much more advanced features today. Although they are devices with high-tech features, searches are among the basic needs of daily life.

By making a call over the phone, a voice communication with a different person can be established. Users can contact more than one person at the same time if they request. It is possible to mute a user and talk to the other user, as well as more than two people can talk together in the same environment. The feature called conferencing is one of the key features found in smartphones. To make simultaneous calls with multiple contacts how to conference on smartphone can be learned.

Conference Call Methods

It is offered for sale under many different brands in the market for smartphones. Although each of them attracts the attention of users with its own features, basically two different operating systems are used. Users according to the operating systems on their phones how to conference smart on the phone methods may be preferred.

How to conference on smartphone
Conference-How-To-Smart-On Phone

Android Multiple users can make voice calls at the same time by using the conference feature available on iPhone and iPhone phones. Conference calls can be preferred for many different purposes. Although the brands of Android phones vary, conference calls can be made similarly because they have the same operating system.

How to Make an iPhone Conferencing?

Those who want to hold conferences on iPhone phones can make voice calls with more than one person at the same time, quite simply. How to conference on smartphones For the question, the following steps should be followed on iPhone devices;

  1. The first participant is called and waiting for the call to connect,
  2. After the other party connects the call, click the Add call button on the screen,
  3. The second person to attend is selected and called,
  4. After the call is connected, the Conference button is clicked.

The person who started the conference can see the names of the participants on their phone screen. Other participants cannot see who is in the conversation. Available on iPhone devices, this feature is available to supported carriers. The feature only needs to be supported by the operator of the conference organizer.

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How to Make an Android Conferencing?

Conferencing on Android devices is done in a similar way as on iPhone devices. How to conference on smartphones The steps to follow on Android devices can be listed as follows;

  1. The first person to call is selected,
  2. After the first person opens the call, the Add call / Add call / Add person button is clicked,
  3. The other person to be added to the conference is selected,
  4. After the second person is connected to the call, the Merge/Add to conference button is clicked.
How to conference on smartphone
Conference-How-To-Smart-On Phone

How Do I Know If It’s a Conference Call?

In conference calls, the phone notification is seen as a normal call. A participant included in a conversation cannot understand that the conversation is a conference. In deliberately held conferences, users can clearly hear each other’s voices. However, in some cases, an unannounced conference may be held to listen to the speech by third parties.

How is a Conference Call Charged?

Conference calls are charged through the operator of the user. Separate fees are charged for each person who is beached at the conference. The conference organizer pays according to his schedule, according to how many minutes he spoke with each person he added. A conference is organized by adding two people and if there is a 10-minute call, the payment is made as if it was a 20-minute conversation.

How Many People Can Attend a Conference Call?

How to conference on smartphone It is also wondered how many people can be done as much as the question. Vodafone and Türk Telekom users can make calls with 5 people at the same time. Turkcell users can make conference calls with 6 people at the same time. People added to the conference can also create their own conferences, and a total number of participants between 25 and 30 people can be obtained.

How to conference on smartphone
Conference-How-To-Smart-On Phone

How to Add People to the Conference?

Adding people to the conference can be done after the first call is connected. Conference can be held with other called persons after connecting to the call. Participation in the conference can be made by all participants, not just the first caller. Users can add contacts according to the operating system of the phone.

I Cannot Conference What is the Solution?

Users who cannot use the conferencing feature should try to find the cause of the problem. There may not be an add call option on the phone’s call interface. First of all, it may be an operator-related problem, or it may be a feature that has not been added to the interface. How to conference smart on the phone Another method that can be preferred for the question; After the first person is called, after calling the person you want to be added to the conference via the call screen, press 3 and click on the yes option that appears on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the operator used for the conference call matter?

No, users can participate independently of the operator they use while conferencing on their smartphones. Some operators may need to be adjusted.

Are conference calls paid?

No, charges are made as with normal calls. If using minute packages, users are charged per minute. No extra payment is made.

Do conference attendees pay fees?

No, participants do not pay any fees for the conference call. Only the user who organizes the conference and adds contacts is charged at his/her own tariff.

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