How to Clear Trash on Samsung Phone?

How to clean trash on phone The answer to the question may vary depending on the operating system of the phone used. Thanks to the trash on their phones, users send data such as files, photos and notes to the trash before deleting them directly. Trash bins can store deleted files according to their capacity and features.

Users can also personally clean the trash cans that are cleaned within a certain period of time. In order to clear the data in the trash, the operating system of the device used should be considered first. It is possible to restore or permanently delete the data in the trash.

Is there a Trash on the Phone?

Phones have trash cans, but they’re different from computers. Phones have different features and possibilities according to the operating system they have. Depending on the operating system of the phone used, the trash can be accessed. Files, photos, audio, videos and notes deleted from the phone go to the trash first after they are deleted.

How to clean trash on phone
Where is Android Trash?

Phone Photo Trash Cleaning

One of the most used trash cans on phones is the trash cans in the photos application. Thanks to the trash in the Photos application of Android and iPhone phones, users move their photos to the trash before permanently deleting them. How to clean trash on phone The answer to the question will vary depending on the devices of the users.

iPhone Photo Trash

iPhone users can find their photos in the Recently Deleted folder after deleting them from the gallery. Photos and videos in the Recently Deleted folder are automatically cleared in about 30 days. Users can empty the trash with their own commands without waiting for the 30-day period. How to clean trash on iPhone The permanent method to be followed is as follows;

  1. The Photos app opens,
  2. The Recently Deleted album opens,
  3. The photos that you want to delete permanently or all of them are selected,
  4. Click the Delete Photo or Delete All button.
How to clean trash on phone
Trash Cleaning

Android Photo Trash

Android Users with the device can empty the photo trash in two different ways. Users can access the Trash folder from within the Photos app on Android 9 devices. On Android devices, it is possible to access the photos in the trash by using Google. Android how to clean trash on phone For photographs, the answer to the question can be given as follows;

  1. Google Photos app opens,
  2. Menu in the upper left part is selected,
  3. Trash is selected,
  4. Select the photos you want to delete and click on the Delete option.
How to clean trash on phone
Samsung Trash Cleaning

Deleting Files from Trash

iPhone users can permanently empty the trash by entering the Recently Deleted folder in the Files application on their phones. Trash files on Android devices to delete steps to be followed;

  1. Google Files App opens,
  2. In the upper left corner, first Menu and then Trash are selected,
  3. The files to be deleted are selected,
  4. Click on Delete.

Recover Trash

Users permanently delete files, photos and data by emptying the trash on their device. It is not possible to restore deleted data from the trash. To recover accidentally deleted data how to clean trash on phone The steps in the answers given for the question are followed and the recover or restore option is selected instead of the delete option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the trash on the phone?

The trash cans on the phones have different features than the trash on the computers. Since the applications on the phone have their own trash cans, the application must be logged in to whichever application’s trash is desired to be accessed.

Where do deleted files go on the phone?

Depending on the operating system of the phone, the environment where the files are deleted may differ. Deleted files can be accessed from the Recently Deleted folder on iPhone devices. Google’s trash can also be used on Android devices.

Can deleted files on the phone be restored?

Files that are not deleted directly can be reinstalled on the phone. Thanks to the trash can, it is possible to restore files. If it is out of the trash, you can use file recovery programs. For this You can visit the link.

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