How to Change Instagram Theme?

Instagram theme change can be changed at any time by users. The platform, which has a very large user base, is regularly improved with various updates. Since it is a platform serving worldwide, it closely follows the developments in digital platforms. Various features become available through improvements and innovations.

A theme change can be preferred to make the use of Instagram more private and personal. Users can easily change the theme. Thanks to the settings, theme selection can be made in a practical way. Theme change can only be done when logging in from mobile devices. Thanks to the application downloaded to mobile devices, a better quality of use is offered. Users logging in from the application, Instagram theme change can perform transactions.

What is Instagram Theme?

Thanks to the recently introduced theme feature for Instagram users, the appearance of the application can be changed. It is a feature that has been actively used on Instagram after the theme feature used on phones. Feature called theme, also called mod. Themes with two different options can be listed as follows;

  1. Bright,
  2. Darkness.

Application users can easily change the theme in the settings. Luminous theme, for many years Instagram theme used by users. The theme installed on a white background is known to most users. No innovation has been made for the bright theme and the theme that old users are used to has not been removed.

Instagram Theme Change
Instagram Theme Change

Darkness theme, is presented as a new option after the updates. The theme, which is offered to users as a second alternative, is known as having a dark background. The theme change allows users to have a more comfortable use in different lighted environments. Theme can be changed according to the light level of the environment. Making dark and light theme changes is quite easy.

How to Change Instagram Theme?

Instagram theme change It is valid for application only. Users logging into Instagram through the website cannot make any theme changes. People using iOS or Android devices can follow these steps to change Instagram themes;

  1. Instagram app opens,
  2. Click on the profile picture in the lower right corner of the screen,
  3. After switching to the profile, the menu is accessed with the three lines in the upper right corner,
  4. Click on the Settings option at the bottom of the menu,
  5. Theme option in the settings menu is selected,
  6. One of the Light and Dark themes is chosen.

How to Revert Instagram Theme?

Instagram Theme Change
Instagram Theme Change

Users who change the Instagram theme can easily change the theme. While the dark theme, which users are not used to, is loved by some users, it is unusual for some users. After dark theme settings are made, users can switch back to light theme. Theme feature is a feature developed for users to choose according to the light level. Therefore, changes can be made easily. Instagram theme change You can switch to the bright theme by following the steps in the same way. Users can change the theme at any time. No limitations and conditions are defined for theme change.

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Instagram Theme Change
Instagram Theme Change

What is Instagram Chat Theme?

The chat theme, which was developed after the general theme feature offered to Instagram users, is also one of the features that attracts a lot of attention. Users can choose user-specific themes in the chat section. There are different preferred themes for each user. While chat themes are presented as certain options, new themes are added on special days and dates.

Personal choices can be made among the themes offered in a wide range of options. It is among the options in romantic and calm themes as well as colorful and fun themes. Instagram change theme It also applies to chats. People who want to change the chat theme have to choose separately for each user. It is not possible to change chat backgrounds with a single selection.

Instagram Theme Change
Instagram Theme Change

How to Change Instagram Chat Theme?

In order to change chat themes, it is necessary to follow the processes separately for each user. Instagram change theme Chat themes, such as chat themes, can only be changed through the application. Users who want to change their chat background from iOS and Android devices should follow these steps;

  1. Instagram app opens,
  2. Click on the chat symbol in the upper right corner of the main page,
  3. The user whose chat theme is to be changed is selected,
  4. Click on the letter i in the upper right corner of the chat screen,
  5. The theme is selected from the drop-down menu,
  6. Select one of the theme options that appear on the screen.

Can Instagram Chat Theme Be Removed?

It is possible to make changes to chat themes. Users can change or remove the theme of any user. Changes can be saved by following the chat theme change steps. Instagram theme change Users who have problems with the application should first make sure that the application is up to date. Users who do not have problems with updates can contact Instagram. It is not possible to eliminate problems by getting a quick response.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Instagram themes?

There are two themes, light and dark.

Is it possible to change Instagram themes from desktop devices?

No, theme change can only be done from the app.

Is Instagram theme change permanent?

Users can change the theme settings at any time.

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