How is Turkcell Call Forwarding Made?

How to do Turkcell call forwarding The question is a question asked by Turkcell users. Call forwarding is a type of operation that allows users to transfer their phones and messages to another number when they are busy. Incoming calls of people who are busy in business life may not be answered instantly.

In this case, people can direct their calls to their colleagues or assistants such as a secretary. After the forwarding process, the incoming call to the person’s phone will ring on the forwarded phone. In this way, a situation such as the person missing incoming calls will be eliminated.

Turkcell is one of the most used operators in Turkey. This operator, which prioritizes customer satisfaction, has offered some services to the market depending on the wishes of the users. Among the services offered by Turkcell users, there is also call forwarding service.

Thanks to this method, people do not encounter any communication problems due to the occupations they experience in business or school life. People who use the forwarding service can divert their phones to the phone numbers of their relatives, thus eliminating the problem of missing a call due to busyness during work or school.

Forwarding Calls with Code

How to do Turkcell call forwarding People who set out with the question can try different methods to benefit from this service. One of the most preferred methods for call forwarding is to perform the forwarding process using code.

This method is among the most preferred methods because it is both simple and functional. However, the point that should be kept in mind before trying this method is that call forwarding is subject to a certain fee.

After paying the forwarding service fee calculated according to the tariff used, dialing **21*phone number # should be made in order to be able to forward the forwarding process. In this dialing, you can forward your phone to the phone you have determined in a short time by typing the number you want to transfer the call to where the phone number is written.

How to Make Turkcell Call Forwarding

Forwarding with Sms

How to do Turkcell call forwarding Another answer to the question is the sms forwarding method. People who cannot answer their calls due to their busyness can use the SMS method in a short time. call can perform routing. What you need to do in order to benefit from the call method process with sms can be listed as follows

After typing FORWARD in the sms section, you need to write the phone number you want to forward. After typing the phone number UNANSWERED typing 2222 You can send a message. In this way, calls that we cannot answer in a short time will be forwarded to the number you have determined.

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Routing with a Digital Operator

How to do Turkcell call forwarding Another method that can be shown as an answer to the question is to perform the routing process using a digital operator. Turkcell By downloading the digital operator application to your phone, you can perform the routing process in a short time. The steps you need to follow can be listed as follows:

How to Make Turkcell Call Forwarding
  • Download and open the digital operator app on your phone
  • Click on the transaction center option in the digital operator
  • Tap the author quick actions menu under action center and then tap all actions
  • Click on call settings under All actions and tap on forward option
  • Type the phone number of your relative to whom you want to forward your number in the forwarding number section under the Forwarding page.
  • Then press continue and verify with the SMS code sent to your phone.
  • In this way, your phone number will be forwarded to the number you specified in a short time.

Call Forwarding Cancellation

How to do Turkcell call forwarding In addition to the question, one wonders how to cancel call forwarding. They may want to cancel the call forwarding process that they have done something when they do not need it. Call orientation What needs to be done to cancel the transaction can be listed as follows:

  • In order to cancel the call forwarding you have made with the code, do not dial #21# and you must make the call. In this way, the call forwarding process you performed with the code will be canceled in a short time.
  • If people who make forwarding via SMS want to cancel using this service, “CANCEL REFER TELEPHONE NUMBERafter typing 2222You can send a message to . In this way, you can cancel the forwarding process you have made with sms in a short time.
  • In order to cancel the call forwarding process you have made from the digital operator, you must enter the digital operator and click on the router option and turn this option off.

Frequently asked Questions

Which Methods Can Be Used to Perform Turkcell Call Forwarding?

Call forwarding can be done using a code, using a digital operator or via sms.

Which Transactions Can Be Forwarded With Call Forwarding?

If you cannot answer the calls with the call forwarding process, your calls can be forwarded. In addition, in cases where your number cannot be reached or your number rings busy, you can use the forwarding process to reach you.

What Can Be Done to Cancel Call Forwarding?

In order to cancel the call forwarding process, first of all, attention should be paid to the method of the call forwarding process. Because the cancellation process can only be canceled depending on the method in which the call forwarding process was performed. For example, people who benefit from call forwarding by sms have to apply the process of canceling call forwarding by sms in order to stop using this service.

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