How Does the LoL Ranked System Work? (All Details)

How is the League ranked system works It is a question that game lovers wonder. It is possible to divide the ranked season into three seasons. These are the stops where all the victories won in the ranked season are turned into prizes. When the season is switched, only the Season Points are reset, the Matching Points and League Points do not change. Season passes in the ranked system can be considered as Registration Points. Players can win different rewards as a result of their success in each season. Emote, Ranked Armor, and Summoner Token are rewards that can be earned for seasonal achievements.

League Ranked System Season Points

How the LoL ranked system worksThe game can be played more consciously by having information about the season pass. It is possible to learn the start and end dates of the season by switching to the Seasons Section via the Ranked tab in the Profile tab. Next to the dates are the player’s Season Points progression, season rewards, and point equivalent. LoL It attracts the attention of the players with its ranked system icons. The required Season Points and the rewards that can be earned in return can be listed as follows;

  • 150 points; Season Symbol,
  • 250 points; Seasonal Ornaments,
  • 500 points; Season Expression.
How the LoL ranked system works
How Does the LoL Ranked System Work?

Season Emote can evolve or decline throughout the season depending on the current rank. When the season is completed; becomes permanent according to the degree to which the season is completed. It differs in stages such as Silver, Gold and Platinum.

How to Earn LoL Season Points?

The points obtained in the season passes in the ranked system are very important for the players. When the season passes, different prizes can be won thanks to the points you have. To become better players, one must learn how to earn season points. To have knowledge about earning season points, How the LoL ranked system works It also answers the question.

How Does the LoL Ranked System Work?

Winning ranked games in Summoner’s Rift is the first thing to do. Points earned from flexible, single or even games are as follows;

  • 20 points from games played in primary or secondary positions,
  • 25 points from filled games,
  • 30 points from autofill games.

Players who play ranked and win in Twisted Treeline can earn 10 Season Points. LoL How the ranked system works It is also necessary to have information about the seasons. The time it takes for the seasons in the ranked system to end and a new one to start is called the pre-season period.

How the LoL ranked system works
How Does the LoL Ranked System Work?

During the interseason, ranked ranks can still be entered, but no rewards will be received for new milestones reached. Even if the reward is not received, the MMR value continues to change, it is a situation that will be useful for the future. between seasons LoLundergoes different changes by system builders. Adjustments are made, such as replacing old items, renewing runes, and making changes to the map. Entering between the seasons and playing games allows to enter the new season much more prepared.

Tier, Division, and Queue in LoL Ranked System

The stages in the graded system can be defined as the summit of high mountains. The more games you win, the higher you can start playing. Players are divided into nine stages, each stage is where similar players are located. There are various tiers from Silver to Gold, from Bronze to Plantin. It is possible to distinguish the players in the stages with the help of sets.

How the LoL ranked system works
How the LoL ranked system works

How the LoL ranked system works For the question, it is important to define the ranks that the players have. In order for players to move on to a new set, the previous one must be completed first. When a new stage is passed, it starts from the lowest set. Rows are divided into two in the ranked system. Called single or double and flexible, each with its own specific purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any difference between Single/Double and Flexible queue?

Their difference is their purpose and constraints.

What is my MMR level?

The MMR value is the player’s overall skill level.

How does the matchmaking system work?

It works in a balanced way in line with fair matches, location preferences and quick rankings.

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