How Can I Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing?

How can I track my wife’s phone without her knowing? This is a question that the spouses, who want to find out if their spouses are talking to someone else, whether they are in a relationship with another person and where they are going without knowing about him, are very curious about the answer and look for a method for this.

Picking up and tampering with their spouse’s phone without notice is sometimes not enough for people and they are looking for a solution where they can follow their spouse at any time. For this, there are various methods by which people can track their spouse’s phone, although it is an unethical and illegal way.

How Can I Track My Wife's Phone Without Her Knowing?
How Can I Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing?

How Can I Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing?

The most effective and most preferred methods for tracking a phone without the person’s knowledge are as follows:

  • Installing Spyware on Phone
  • Phone GPS Tracking
  • Hacking the Phone

There are many options for these three methods, both programmed and unprogrammed.


Some spywarecan be used to monitor the activities of the target phone. These softwares work by accessing or installing on the phone. Spyware is software that is installed without the knowledge or consent of the user of the phone.

With these software, people can monitor their spouse’s phone activities and gain unauthorized access. Thanks to these software, people can monitor their spouse’s phone messages, phone calls, internet browsing history, location information and other personal data.

Phone GPS Tracking

phone GPS trackingallows to locate and track a phone via GPS technology. This tracking uses GPS signals to determine the phone’s geographic location in real time.

It is the most preferred method especially by people who want to monitor their spouse’s phone. Apart from many legal and legitimate situations, GPS tracking is also an essential service for people who want to track their spouse’s phone and whereabouts.

GPS tracking can be performed using a suitable tracking app or service on the phone. Such applications determine the phone’s location using the phone’s GPS data and display it on a map.

Users usually need to complete pre-installation and permission processes to gain access to these monitoring apps. Unprogrammed phone tracking Tracking your spouse’s phone GPS is both safe and one of the most effective ways for you.

Hacking the Phone

phone hackingis one of the most difficult methods to choose to track your spouse’s phone. Because phone hacking is a very complex and skillful process performed by hackers.

However, there are still some methods that are generally used, and people can access their spouse’s phone with a hacker using one of these methods:

  • With phishing, you direct the target person to a fake website or app to obtain their username, password or other sensitive information.
  • With malware, you can exploit vulnerabilities to install malicious software on the target phone.
  • By exploiting the vulnerabilities and exploiting the vulnerabilities found in the phone’s operating system or applications, you can gain access to the target phone.
  • With an internet attack, you can try to gain access to the target person’s phone by using their weak points on the internet.

Tracking Your Spouse’s Phone with Apple Find My

The Apple Find My service is specifically designed to be used in the event that people’s own Apple devices are lost or stolen. However, thanks to this service, people can follow their spouse’s Apple devices quite easily and without their knowledge.

Especially How can I track my wife’s phone from my own phone for free? If you think so, and both you and your spouse’s phone is Apple brand, you can follow the steps below to track your spouse’s phone with Find My:

  • First of all, your spouse needs to activate the Find My service. To do this Settings > [Adınız] Go to > iCloud > Find My iPhone and select “Enable Find My iPhone” Turn on the option.
  • You will need your spouse’s Apple credentials to use the Find My service.
  • Then on your own device Find My Open the app.
  • In the Find My app, select your partner’s device.
  • You can get information about the last location and time of your spouse’s device. You can see the location of the device on the map.

Tracking Your Spouse’s Phone with Google Location Service

Tracking Your Spouse's Phone with Google Location Service
How Can I Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing?

Google Location Service is a feature used to track and locate a person’s Android device. How can I track my wife’s phone from my own phone? In response to his question, you can track your spouse’s phone with the Google location service, which is one of the most effective and free methods. For this you have to follow these steps:

  • First, enable location services on your spouse’s phone in Settings > Location or Security & Location > Location.
  • Sign in on your own phone with your spouse’s Google account information.
  • Open the Google Maps app on your device.
  • Select your spouse’s device and then in the Google Maps app, tap on the profile icon at the top and select the “Share Location” option.
  • Ask your partner to share their location.
  • Send your spouse a location sharing request by entering their email address or phone number.
  • Then accept this request on your spouse’s phone without your spouse seeing it.


uMobixis a monitoring and tracking software. This software works in harmony with mobile operating systems used in various devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). Although uMobix is ​​designed especially for parents to control their children, it is also a very effective and reliable application for people to follow their spouses.

uMobix allows you to record all calls on the target device and view the call details, monitor the text messages on the target device and also track the instant location of the target device.


Spynger is a spyware with advanced features. This software works secretly after infiltrating the target device and records the activities of the user. Spyngerhas several versions that can run on computers and mobile devices.

The purpose of this software is to steal personal data, monitor messages, record calls and even control the camera and microphone without the user’s knowledge.


mSpy is also one of the leading phone monitoring and tracking spyware. Especially husband tracker free preferred as mSpyallows people to monitor all transactions on their spouses’ phones and to follow their spouses from their phone locations.

Most Popular Phone Tracking and Tracking Spyware and Pros

mSpy Affordable Social networks send watchable AI-powered notifications and alerts
Spynger Invisible and undetectable Tracks phone location Tracks selected apps, calls and messages
uMobix Can monitor deleted messages Parental control can be performed Video and audio stream can be watched
How Can I Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing?

The most popular phone monitoring and spying software and their pros In particular, the most preferred and popular spyware for people to follow their spouses and their pros are as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions About How Can I Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing?

What Methods Can I Use to Monitor My Wife’s Phone?

You can use spyware or GPS tracking service or apps to monitor your spouse’s phone.

Are There Ethical Drawbacks to Tracking My Wife’s Phone?

Yes, monitoring your spouse’s phone is ethically objectionable. It is a fundamental element in relationships. Sneaking on someone’s phone undermines trust and violates their privacy rights.

What Monitoring Software Can I Use To Monitor My Wife’s Phone?

You can choose spyware such as mSpy, Spynger, eyeZy, uMobix, to monitor your spouse’s phone.

Are There Legal Ways to Track My Wife’s Phone?

Legal ways include tracking a person’s phone with permission and for legitimate reasons. For example, certain situations, such as family planning, child safety or job security, may require permission and monitoring.

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