French Car Brands and Favorite Models

French car brands and their favorite models It has a significant share in the world automobile market. French brands are preferred in many countries of the world and all new models of the brands can be found in the market. It can be seen that the French are among the most sold and economically accepted search brands in the Turkish market.

People try to choose between car brands and models according to their budget. The affordable prices of French car brands and the wide service network in Turkey are among the reasons for preference. Some car brands in France have a history of more than a century and there are many models on the market.

Those who research French car brands will be able to see that they are the brands and models they see most in traffic. While car manufacturers keep their company headquarters in one country, they can produce in different countries. French car brands are produced in many countries of the world, including Türkiye. The aesthetic structures used in car models vary according to the aesthetic understanding of the brands and the countries they represent.

These aesthetic works can be seen very easily in the models of the most preferred French brands. Due to the developments in the automobile industry, French car brands are also launching all their models with stylish design features. Since there are model options suitable for every budget, French car brands are given priority in many countries of the world. Even the lowest-income people in Turkey can own French cars.

French Car Brands

Each of the French car brands has a different founding story. Since there are different companies, the design and features of the models produced by each brand are also different.

The most preferred French car brands are:

  • Renault,
  • dacia,
  • Peugeot,
  • Citroen,
  • Bugatti,

France after the industrial revolution car took quick steps in the sector and started car production by creating more than one brand. You can often find various models of these brands everywhere.

French Car Brands and Favorite Models
French Car Brands and Favorite Models

1. French Car Brand Renault

Renault brand, French automotive It is one of the most preferred brands in the industry. It has many models and has been continuing its production since it was founded in 1898. It is one of the most preferred brands in Turkey.

While Renault initially developed models for individual purposes, it later started to produce family-type cars. Model designs, durability and economical features make them the most popular cars in the industry.

2. Peugeot Car Brand

Peugeot is one of the best French car brands in the world market. It was founded by Armand Peugeot in 1906 in the city of Sochaux. The brand, which has models suitable for every budget, is preferred in many countries.

The most popular models are:

  • 208,
  • 2008,
  • 301,
  • 308,
  • 3008,
  • 5008,

It constantly develops new model designs according to the developments in the sector and works by taking into account the expectations of people from a car.

3. Dacia Car Brand

Today, the Dacia brand, known as the French car brand and preferred by many models, was established by the Romanian Government. It was later acquired by the French brand Renault.

The brand continued to exist under the roof of Renault and started to produce new models using the same technologies. After the Dacia brand was acquired by Renault, it became one of the best-selling brands in the world market.

4. Citroen

Citron, one of the most famous French car brands, was founded in 1919. Andre Citroen, the founder of the company, created a brand with his own name. Today, it launches its most popular models with new designs.

  1. C3,
  2. C4,
  3. C-Elysee,

You can see them among the most common and best-selling models in the Turkish market.

5. Bugatti

Bugatti can be shown as the most luxurious brand among French car brands. After it was founded in 1906, it started to produce again after the economic difficulties experienced from time to time. Bugatti, one of the most luxurious and most admired cars of the French, was purchased by the Volskwagen group in the 1990s. It started to produce new models while preserving its brand value. Stylishly designed models always attract attention.

Why Are French Car Brands Preferred?

French Car Brands and Favorite Models
French Car Brands and Favorite Models

French brands have a well-established structure and produce quality products. In the Turkish car market, most of the French brands have a very wide market. Robustness and economy are among the reasons why French car brands are preferred and loved. Everyone can find the best model suitable for their budget and use it for many years without any problems. Service networks of French car brands are also very wide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Prefer French Car Brands?

When buying a car, it should be considered that it is suitable for the budget. The sales prices of some models of French car brands are more affordable. In addition, fuel consumption and service maintenance are also very economical.

What Is The Best Selling French Car Brand?

Among the best-selling car brands in Turkey are the French brand Renault, citroen and Peugeot.

What Are The Best Selling Renault Models?

Among the best-selling models of the French brand Renault group, there are clio, megane, symbol and talisman.

Are the Prices of French Car Brands Affordable?

Many models of French brands are the most affordable in used cars in the Turkish market. Anyone can find one that fits their budget.

Who Owns the Dacia Brand?

The founder of the Dacia brand is the Romanian Government. It was founded in 1966 and was acquired by the French brand Renault 30 years later. Today, it produces new models with Renault technology.

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