Earphone Not Detected Problem and Solution

The phone does not detect the headset Many users may encounter this problem frequently. Today, headphones are frequently used in activities such as listening to music, talking on phones, attending a meeting and watching something. Wireless headphones are one of the devices that make life easier. Thanks to the headset, which offers a much more comfortable use everywhere, it has become possible to get rid of cable clutter.

Headphones can be used both wired and wirelessly on phones. While you can use wired headphones thanks to the headphone jacks on the phones, wireless headphones can be used thanks to the Bluetooth connection. While there are seamless technologies, users in various situations phone not detecting headset can make such complaints.

Earphone Not Detecting What’s the Problem?

It may be more useful to first find out what the problem is with the devices to detect the headset. Users can identify the problem and apply the solution directly. When there are problems with the connections between the phone and the headset, users should pay attention to what type of headset they are using. Users with either wired or wireless headphones should consider these uses when looking for causes of problems.

The phone does not detect the headset
Phone-Headset-Cannot Detect

wired headphones phone not detecting headset The problem could be:

  • The headphone cable may be damaged.
  • The headphone jack may be in contact with water or dust.

In wired headphones, the problem may be caused by the headphone or its jack. There are more reasons that can cause problems with wireless headphones. Situations that can cause problems when the phone does not detect the wireless headset;

  • Headphone out of battery.
  • Loss of Bluetooth connection.
  • Damage to the headset, contact with water or dust.
  • The phone does not see the headset.

Earphone Does Not Detect Solutions

After understanding the cause of the connection between the phone and the headset, a choice of solutions can be made. When there is a problem with the headphone connections, the source of the problem can sometimes be the phone. The phone does not detect the headset Users looking for a solution should look for solutions not only for headphones but also for phone settings. Solutions for problems with headphone connections are as follows;

  • Check the headset.
  • Turn the device off and on.
  • Check the Bluetooth connection.
  • Clean the headphone jack.
  • Reset the device.
  • Reset the phone to factory settings.
The phone does not detect the headset
Phone-Headset-Cannot Detect

Check Headset

In case of connection problems, the headset should be checked first. It is helpful to make sure that the headset is working. Problems with the headset can prevent the headset from being detected. A computer, tablet or a different mobile device can be preferred to see that the headset is working. Being able to establish the connection with a different device indicates that the headset is working.

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Turn Device Off and On

Although it is a simple method, one of the methods that works in many different technological devices is to turn the device off and on. Firstly phone not detecting headset People who use wireless headphones in the face of the problem may prefer to turn their headphones off and on. If turning the headset off and on does not make any difference, or if a wired headset is used, the phone can be turned off and on.

Check Bluetooth Connection

Widely used wireless headsets provide access to phones via a Bluetooth connection. When users use their headphones, they are usually automatically connected. However, it may also be connected to another device. The phone’s Bluetooth settings may be turned off. In case of detection problems, the phone’s Bluetooth settings can be checked.

The phone does not detect the headset
Phone-Headset-Cannot Detect

Clean Headphone Jack

Although wireless headphones are becoming popular, there are users who cannot give up and continue to use wired headphones. wired earphones using and headphone does not detect Users who say can check the headphone jack after checking their headphones. Since the earphone and charging ports on the phones are open, dust and dirt can often accumulate inside.

Reset Device

Users who use wireless headphones may prefer to reset the device when they experience connection problems after trying the solutions and not getting results. Headphone settings can be reset thanks to the reset button on the charging boxes of wireless headphones. Thanks to the reset, the device can see the headset.

Restore Phone to Factory Settings

A more effective method than resetting the device is to reset the phone. Users who prefer to reset their phone should find the option to reset the phone through the settings menu. After resetting the phone in an easy way, the problem may have disappeared by turning on the system.

Users should try the proposed solutions in separate ways. It should be tried in different ways rather than doing them all at once. If the solution methods do not produce any results, it can be considered that there are serious problems with the headphones. Headphones under warranty can be sent for warranty. The phone does not detect the headset Technical support can be obtained when the problem is not resolved. Methods other than the solution methods that will damage the devices should be avoided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the phone not detecting the headset?

There may be various reasons why the phone does not detect the headset. Especially in wired headphones, there may be situations such as breaking and stripping of the cable. Unresolved detection problems can be seen differently in wireless headphones.

Why is the phone headphone jack broken?

The space in the headphone jack of the phones comes into contact with the air and traps the dust and dirt in the environment. Accumulated dirt may cause it to not work. Contact with water also causes deterioration.

The phone does not detect the headset, how can I tell if the headset is broken?

After the headphone connection is established, the response from the multimeter should be expected. If no sound is detected, it can be understood that the problem is the headphones.

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