ChatGPT’s Official Android App Has Been Released

The anticipated app of ChatGPT for Android phone users has finally been released. Popular artificial intelligence application developed by OpenAI ChatGPT, Android made available to users on the Google Play Store for devices. This application, which was initially only available for download in certain countries, achieved a significant success by exceeding 100,000 downloads in a short time.

ChatGPT’s Official Android App Now Available! ChatGPT, which stands out among the artificial intelligence chat applications, is available for download on the Google Play Store with its application specially designed for Android users.

Success of ChatGPT’s Android App

Android app of ChatGPTAlthough it was available for download in only a few countries, it quickly exceeded 100,000 downloads. It attracted great attention especially in America, India, Bangladesh and Brazil. OpenAI stated that the application will be available for download in other countries (possibly including Turkey) very soon.

Beware of Fake Apps and Clones!

Android app of ChatGPT Pre-registration is available now. However, there is an important point that users should pay attention to: There are also clones of the application on the Google Play Store. Therefore, when downloading ChatGPT app make sure you download it.

OpenAI continues to experience declines in web traffic and app installs. Android app of ChatGPT continues to maintain its leadership in the market with OpenAI’s GPT-4 model powers the Bing AI chatbot, while Google Bard AI has no dedicated implementation yet, only accessible via the web. However ChatGPTstands out among artificial intelligence chat applications with its applications developed for both iOS and Android.

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