ChatGPT Android Application Released in Turkey

Finally the long awaited moment has come and ChatGPT Android app Made available in Turkey. This artificial intelligence bot, which was first opened to users in certain countries, has now met with Android users in Turkey. Here are the details on what the Android version of ChatGPT offers and how to download it.

OpenAI stepped up its efforts to bring ChatGPT to more people. The text-based artificial intelligence bot was available to iOS users in June. With this step, all the attention has shifted to Android devices. Ultimately ChatGPT Android app It was also made available in Turkey.

Availability of ChatGPT Android App in Other Countries

ChatGPT’s Android app was initially available for users in the US, India, Bangladesh, and Brazil. After that, it was stated that it will be made available gradually in many countries, including Turkey. Finally, this app has been made available for users in Turkey as well.

Android device users were previously able to access ChatGPT through third-party and unofficial apps. However, ChatGPT Android app With the official release, this requirement has been removed. Looking at the Android version, we can see that the app has a similar design to the iOS version.

The Android version has a messaging screen just like the web version. You can start talking to the chatbot by entering a text in the space at the bottom of this screen. However, it should be noted that the menus in the application interface are not fully in Turkish.

Paid and Free Versions of ChatGPT Android App

It is important to note that ChatGPT is a completely free application. However, for a better experience, there is also the “ChatGPT Plus” subscription for 499.99 TL per month. With this subscription, users can enjoy ChatGPT-4 features. In the free version of the application, ChatGPT-3.5, which was developed until September 2021 and provides data transfer, is used.

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