Big Rise in X-Themed Cryptocurrencies!

twitterThe decision to change the name of ‘ to “X” also affected cryptocurrencies with the letter “X” in their name. X Coins Cryptocurrencies such as cryptocurrencies experienced a great rise as a result of this decision. But this situation was not limited to X Coin; many X themed cryptocurrency unit appreciated.

The decision to change the name of Twitter, which was bought by Elon Musk for $ 44 billion in October 2022, had wide repercussions. With this decision, all cryptocurrencies with an “X” in their name gained value, while a certain altcoin X coins came to the fore.

Sudden Increase in Value of X Coin and Emergence of New Tokens

Big Rise in X-Themed Cryptocurrencies: Elon Musk’s New Favorite Wall Street Memes Raise $18M in Funds

As the market cap of X Coin rapidly increased by 940% from $625,000, many new tokens with X in their names were released. It was noteworthy that a token called AI-X increased 10 times and Deus X, inspired by a tweet by Musk, gained 2600 times in value.

Adding the letter “Д as location information to Musk’s Twitter profile increased the price of Dogecoin. With this move, Dogecoin reached its highest level since April and went up to $ 0.08.

Musk’s Impact on the Crypto Ecosystem

These developments, which once again show the impact of Elon Musk on the crypto ecosystem, raised the question of which tokens Musk is interested in. Wall Street Memes token, an altcoin project that Musk interacted with, caught the attention of investors.

With the influence of Elon Musk, the funds collected at the pre-sale event of the Wall Street Memes project reached $ 18 million. Musk’s two engagements with the Wall Street Memes project caught the attention of investors interested in pre-sale events.

What is Wall Street Memes Token?

The WSM token, the native token of the Wall Street Memes project, has no practical use unlike many other tokens. However, WSM token is backed and powered by an experienced crypto community.

In the pre-sale event, the WSM token is offered to investors with a strategy where the price is increased at every stage. WSM token can be purchased on both the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain using ETH, BNB or USDT (ERC-20 or BEP-20).

Wall Street Memes, which attracts attention in the crypto world, which is experiencing exciting days with Elon Musk’s Twitter decision, seems to reach its goal in a short time with the effect of Musk’s interactions.

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