Best WhatsApp Tracker (Paid, Free)

WhatsApp tracking software You can follow up with people you care about. In addition, you can view the messages and media of the party you want to follow, and you can also see the routes it follows thanks to the GPS feature. These programs are third-party applications and are considered spyware.

for free WhatsApp tracking software does not exist indefinitely. Since these applications are specially developed, you have to have them by paying a certain fee. Generally, this fee is determined on a monthly basis. However, some apps give free trial version. In this way, you can see what the application will offer for the number you want to track.

Completely Free Whatsapp Tracking Program

WhatsApp tracking software You can follow your children, lover or spouse with These programs allow you to see GPS location information, and they offer an important convenience, especially in terms of seeing where your children are. In addition, they can also help you to follow your lover or spouse by ensuring that incoming messages and multimedia content are seen.

1. Howerwatch

WhatsApp tracking software The application, which allows you to use it for free during a 3-day trial, also works on the web page. You can see many methods, including messages, photos and phone calls to the number you want to track. In addition, the program does not appear on the phone of the person you will follow. In this way, you can access remotely and confidentially. The application is compatible with Android, IOS, Mac and Windows platforms.

2. iKeyMonitor

Free WhatsApp tracking software iKeyMonitor, which stands out with its 30-day free trial period among its options, allows you to monitor over the computer. on Android and IOS devices WhatsApp The program that provides services for the application works as a background application. Thanks to the recording of the daily transactions, it allows to control the WhatsApp that is followed at the desired time interval during the day. The program offers detailed analysis by showing messages, shared multimedia messages, last login date and location information. It also provides control of emails for the monitored device.

WhatsApp tracking software
WhatsApp tracking software

3. FlexiSPY

One of the most popular WhatsApp tracking programs worldwide, the application allows you to monitor all activities on the target device. It can show not only transactions made within WhatsApp, but also normal calls, SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram records on the phone. Although the program is free, there is a 1-day trial feature for trial. However, you should remember that what you can do in the trial version is limited.

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Free Whatsapp Tracking Program

Free WhatsApp tracking software Before using it, you need to know certain points. First of all, such programs are third-party applications. Therefore, they are not programs approved by WhatsApp. They can also violate various ethical situations. If you still want to use it for free, then you should know that the programs offered for free have certain limitations. In other words, the programs are offered for use at a monthly fee. However, some programs may allow free use, albeit for a short time, to try and see how the program works. These programs are as follows;

  • WaStat: It is an application that shows that the person you want to follow is online only. The program sends you a notification when the user is online. You can also learn location information. But you cannot see the messages.
  • Logify: Provides GPS and online information. You can follow up instantly, especially thanks to its fast notification.
WhatsApp tracking software
WhatsApp tracking software

Best Free Whatsapp Tracker

best free WhatsApp tracking software Since it will contain a trial version, it will have limited opportunities. Therefore, if you want to follow someone, it would be better to turn to paid programs instead of free programs. These programs also do not give any guarantee in terms of follow-up, as stated in their membership agreements. So after you become a member, you may not be able to provide the follow-up you want. In order to avoid such problems, it is recommended that you examine the membership and return conditions in detail during subscription.

Whatsapp Online Tracking Program Free

WhatsApp online tracking program can be used free of charge with the methods mentioned above. However, there is no application that is completely free. Therefore, it is necessary to try the programs offered for a certain fee.

If you just want to learn the location information of the person, then you can try a completely free method;

  • First, open WhatsApp Web in your browser and start talking to the person whose location you want to find.
  • In the meantime, close all applications running in the background and leave only the WhatsApp Web screen open.
  • Then open task manager by pressing ctrl + alt + delete.
  • Here, press the Win + R keys and type “cmd” on the screen that comes up and press enter.
  • In the command prompt that will open, type “netstat-an” and press enter again. Before the command prompt is closed, the IP address of the person you are talking to will appear on the screen, make a note of this.
  • Scan the IP address you noted down on the IP query sites you can find on the internet. In this way, you can learn the location information of the person you are talking to.

This method may not give accurate results in all cases. Because internet providers sometimes show different regions. Keep in mind, however, that this method of detecting the address of the person you are talking to via IP can cause problems.

WhatsApp tracking software
WhatsApp tracking software

Best Tracking Program

WhatsApp tracking software It is best served through paid apps. These applications allow you to see the WhatsApp transactions and records of the person you want to follow for a certain monthly fee.

1. mSpy

mSpy, the most used tracking program in its field, shows all information about WhatsApp transactions. mSpy, an application that can be controlled via phone and computer, offers access to messages and shared multimedia content. Moreover, the application does not need to be rooted. Since it has more than one payment plan, affordable pricing can be made for what the user wants to follow.

2. EyeZy

The program, which stands out as another best tracking program, has a large number of users around the world. In order to use the application, you must have first-time access to the phone to be tracked. In other words, you cannot track a phone that is far away. But after installing the program, it runs in the background and cannot be viewed by the phone owner in any way. With the program, which has monthly and annual fees, you can access information such as call, message, multimedia, e-mail, location for the number you want to track from your own phone or computer.

WhatsApp Last Seen Tracker Free

You can use various applications to track WhatsApp last seen. These apps only show last seen or online time;

  • LogWhat: Notifies you when the number you want to receive notifications from is online. You can use it for free for 3 days as it has a trial period.
  • WLog: only used for IOS devices, iOS The user sends you a notification when the party is online. It also allows you to check their 24-hour entries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are WhatsApp tracking apps legal?

These programs may pose a legal problem if you are going to use them for people other than your child. Because tracking personal data without permission is considered a crime under the law.

How do apps work?

In order for the tracking applications to work, you need to give approval from the device you want to track once. Therefore, you cannot run remote monitoring.

Are the apps noticeable?

Applications are unlikely to be noticed by the device user.

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