Best Sniper Games (Android, iOS and PC)

sniper gamesare games that aim players to shoot targets from afar using their sniper abilities. Especially players who are interested in Sniper games, best sniper games is curious about the most successful games of this genre to experience this experience with

While there are many special sniper games that can be preferred by both mobile gamers and PC and console players, factors such as gameplay, graphic quality and content are very important for these games. Among the best sniper games are:

  • Sniper Elite Series
  • Hitman Series
  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior Series
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Series
  • Sniper: Art of Victory

Best Sniper Games PC

Best Sniper Games (Updated)
Best Sniper Games (Updated)

For those who are curious about the most successful sniper games on the market among computer games best sniper games pc They are popular and popular options that offer the best and most enjoyable sniping experience on the platform.

Game Release date Producer
Sniper Elite 4 2017 Rebellion Developments
Hitman 2 2018 IO Interactive / Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment|
Ghost Recon: Wildlands 2017 Ubisoft
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 2017 Cl Games
Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2019 Cl Games
Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 2013 City Interactive
Sniper: Art of Victory 2008 City Interactive

Best Sniper Games Mobile

Sniper games are a popular game genre that offers players a tactical and sniper experience. There are many exciting sniper games that can be played on mobile devices. Especially best sniper games mobile For devices, it is also very curious by the players.

Some of the most popular and favorite mobile sniper games today are:

Game Developer Platform Point
Sniper X Glu Android, iOS 4.5
Hitman Sniper Square Enix Android, iOS 4.4
Sniper 3D Assassin Fun Games For Free Android, iOS 4.3
Contract Killer: Sniper Glu Android, iOS 4.2
Lone Wolf FDG Entertainment Android, iOS 4.2

Offline Sniper Game

Sniper games are generally games that do not require internet and therefore can be played without any internet connection. These games do not require internet as they are usually single player games.

However, some pc and mobile sniper games may require an internet connection. Here are some of the most popular games for people looking for offline sniper games:

  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts
  • Silent Scope
  • Sniper: Path of Vengeance
  • Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3
  • Sniper Elite 3

Play Best Sniper Games

Sniper games are generally games played in the FPS (First-Person Shooter) genre. These types of games often offer realistic shooting experience and give players the opportunity to use precision marksmanship skills at distant targets.

Play Best Sniper Games
Play Best Sniper Games

Play the best sniper games For today, there are many games that people can play with pleasure, both on mobile, PC and console.

  • People can play sniper games published on platforms such as Epic Games or Steam for computer games.
  • For mobile games, people can play games published on platforms such as Google Play Store or AppStore on their devices.
  • In addition, people can find many sniper games on consoles such as Xbox or PS5.

How to Play Sniper Games?

While playing sniper games, there are some important considerations in order to both play the game in the best way and enjoy the game at the highest level. How to play sniper games? It is possible to mention the following in response to the question:

  • Accurate aiming and shooting skills are very important in shooter games.
  • Being careful and patient is very important in sniper games.
  • A good understanding of the map of the sniper game you are playing will help you gain an advantage.
  • It is important to understand the key points on the map, the location of the targets, and in which areas the enemies are usually located.
  • It is important to stay in touch with your team, plan strategies and act together.
  • It is important that you take time to improve your skills in sniper games.

Best Android Sniper Game

The best Android sniper game “Hitman Sniper” is one of the prominent ones. This game was released as part of the Hitman series. In the game, you take part in different missions around the world as a stealth sniper.

“Hitman Sniper” is a game with high quality graphics, realistic environments and detailed weapon control system. The game offers a variety of scenarios with challenging objectives and gives players the opportunity to act strategically. Among other popular Android sniper games;

  • Sniper 3D Assassin
  • Sniper Fury
  • Clear Vision

There are games like

Download Sniper Fury

Sniper Fury is a first-person shooter developed by Gameloft and published for mobile devices. In the game, players act as snipers and aim at their targets in various missions to neutralize the enemies.

Download Sniper Fury People can find this game in both Google Play Store and AppStore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Best Sniper Games?

Sniper Elite series, parts of Call of Duty series (for example, Modern Warfare series), Ghost Recon Wildlands, some games of Battlefield series (for example, Battlefield 4) are among the best sniper games.

What Can You Say About Sniper Elite Series?

The Sniper Elite series offers an excellent shooting experience and It includes a series of games set in the atmosphere of World War II. Key features of the series include realistic marksmanship mechanics, x-ray kill scenes and multiplayer modes.

What is the Sniper Game Experience like in Ghost Recon Wildlands?

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a tactical shooter and the sniper game experience also plays an important role. Set in a large open world, the game offers a co-op experience that you can play alone or with friends.

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