AirPods Stolen What Should I Do? How do I find it?

AirPods stolen what should i do Users whose headphones are lost or stolen after getting information about it can easily access their headphones. Airpods headphones, which are used wirelessly, offer a very comfortable experience. Headphones, which have become popular due to their comfortable use, can cause problems in storage because they do not have any connection.

Lost and stolen Airpods are common issues with earbuds. Users can resort to some methods without worrying when they lose their earphones. Headphones developed by Apple are a highly preferred device to enjoy listening to music by pairing with devices. The headset, which has advanced features, can be found quite easily when it is lost.

What Methods Can I Use When My AirPods Are Stolen?

Airpods Stolen What Should I Do
How to find stolen AirPods

Users who have lost their headset can choose various methods. AirPods stolen what i have to The answers to the question can be tried in order. Different methods can be tried until headphones are found. Methods that can be preferred when the headset is stolen or lost eyelash The steps should be followed sequentially.

Locating AirPods from Map

If you don’t remember where you put your headset or if it’s been stolen, you can use the Find app. The widely preferred Find application is a very practical method. Before the headset is lost, the headset must be registered to the devices. People using Apple devices should prefer to connect all their devices together. To find Airpods using Find, these steps need to be followed;

  1. Find application opens,
  2. Devices tab is selected,
  3. Airpods are selected.

Playing Audio from Airpods

Airpods stolen what should i do
How to find stolen AirPods

If the Airpods are in close proximity to any of the Apple devices, the Bluetooth connection will not be lost. Airpods stolen what should i do Users who have recently lost their headset may prefer this method. The earphone can be reached in a short time by playing a sound that will help to find the Airpods. Users can use the audio playback method to find the Airpods Pro charging case. Things to do for audio playback;

  1. Find application opens,
  2. Devices tab is selected,
  3. Lost Airpods are selected,
  4. Click Play Sound to play a sound that gradually increases in level.

Get Alert When You Forget Airpods

With Airpods devices wired Although not establishing a connection in a way provides ease of use, it may cause problems such as forgetting, losing and stealing. If users forget their Airpods frequently, they can take advantage of the alert feature. Only users with iPhone 12 or later models and users with Airpods 3rd generation, Airpods Pro, Airpods Pro 2nd generation and Airpods Max can actively use the Notify when forgotten feature. Airpods stolen what should i do It can be very useful not to forget the headset in order not to ask the question. In order not to forget the headset in unknown locations, the following steps should be followed to activate the departure warning;

Airpods stolen what should i do
My AirPods have been stolen, what should I do?
  1. Find application opens,
  2. Devices tab is selected,
  3. Airpods are selected,
  4. Notifications menu opens and Notify When Forgotten is selected,
  5. Notify When Forgotten is activated.

Airpods Lost Mode

Users who own AirPods Pro, Airpods Pro 2nd generation, Airpods 3rd generation and Airpods Max can take advantage of the feature to turn on lost mode. If the lost mode is turned on, a message with a phone number or e-mail address can be shared. When Airpods are found by someone, the message is sent to the person’s iPhone. Although it is a very successful application, it is debatable how effective it will be if it is stolen. To activate Lost mode, the following steps must be performed;

  1. Find application opens,
  2. Devices tab is selected,
  3. Airpods are selected,
  4. You can find Mark as Record by scrolling down,
  5. Enable is selected.

How to Find Airpods When Offline

Airpods stolen what should i do different methods can be preferred. Users can resort to these methods in case their headset is stolen or lost. There are no different methods that can be preferred for Airpods that are offline. Users can access the last active location via Find. It can be tried to be found through the last location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I also find my Airpods when offline?

Audio playback is not available if Airpods is displayed as offline or location not found. However, the location where Airpods was last connected can be found.

The charging case of my Airpods is lost, can I use it with a new case?

The serial number of Airpods is learned and you can start using it by getting support from Apple to make replacements.

Can I find the charging case of my Airpods?

When the Airpods are lost or stolen, the preferred methods can also be found in the charging case. However, the charging case can only be found by users with Airpods Pro. In other models, it is not possible to find the charging case.

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